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Strike a used car deal you won’t regret


Many options are available to you if you’re looking for quality cheap used cars in Bedford. The diversity of the used car market means that a wealth of tastes and circumstances can always be catered for. Buy second-hand and you’ll get to miss out on the 40% deprecation drop seen by most cars after just a year on the road. Choose wisely and you should have years of fantastic motoring to look forward to before your car needs to be replaced. It may be wise to buy from a dealer rather than a private seller in order to be protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which generally makes it much easier to return a car if you discover a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you when you purchased it.

used car

Asking for advice

Most dealers are part of prestigious trade networks and won’t want to risk being kicked out of them by treating you unfairly. You may wish to ask a more experienced person to help you if you are new to the used car market and don’t have the confidence to go it alone. Someone more experienced should be able to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with buying used cars and help you strike an excellent deal you won’t regret making later.

Can you afford to run it?

Before you do go out to buy a car, you should work out how much you can afford to spend. Low price tags can be very persuasive, but you’ll still need to cover tax, fuel and insurance costs. Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel you need to and make sure everything you have been told about the car is supported by the documents.

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