What to Look For in a Used Car


Buying a used car is fraught with risk, as you are very much relying on the previous owner(s) and how they have cared for the vehicle while it was in their possession. As a general rule, you should avoid private sellers, as the car is “sold as seen”, and should it break down the next day, you will have to pay for the repair. Assuming you are buying the vehicle from a reputable second-hand car dealer, here are some important things to look for when looking at used cars.

  • Full Service History– FSH is the best indication of the vehicle’s history and it can be found in the rear section of the owner’s manual, complete with the stamps of the garages that serviced the car. For the best deals, there are quality used cars in East Devon from a respected dealer who is known for selling quality vehicles at a fair price.
  • Mechanically Sound– This can be tough one to determine, but if you are buying from a reputable dealership, they will offer a reasonable warranty. Listen to the engine ticking over with the bonnet raised, and, of course, take it for a test drive.
  • Signs of Bodywork Repair– If the car has been in a collision, you might be able to see tell-tale signs, although if the repairs were carried out by a good body repair shop, you would never know there had even been anything wrong.

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