A Guide to Purchasing a Used Car


Most people buy second hand when looking to change their car, and there are risks when doing so. Unlike a brand new vehicle, the car is relatively unknown, and for that reason, care must be taken when buying a used car. There is, for example, an established company that supply trusted used cars in Plymouth, and by using a reputable second-hand car dealer, you will have a fair warranty on the vehicle, which gives you peace of mind.

  • Vehicle Maintenance History– Every car should have an owner’s manual, and in the rear section, there should be all the details concerning the car’s previous service history. A full service history (FSH) indicates that the car was been well-maintained, and you can ask the dealer for the owner’s manual, where you can see for yourself.
  • Test Drive – It is essential that you get behind the wheel, even if only for a short drive, as this is the only way to get a feel of the car. Take note of the handling, the acceleration, the brakes, and this is also an opportunity to check the indicators and heating system work fine.
  • Vehicle Inspection– Check the interior and have a close look at the bodywork, especially the underside of the car, where rust might be hiding. Any minor scratches or dents should be pointed out to the seller, which might give you a price reduction.

If you buy from a local, reputable car dealer, they will issue you with a warranty, and if you take good care of the vehicle, you can sell it back to them for a fair price when you wish to upgrade.


















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