The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance


The health of your car depends on how well you maintain it, if you neglect important components, your vehicle will run into a wide variety of issues that could have been avoided with a little TLC. No make or model of car can go on forever without regular maintenance checks, if you’ve parted with a substantial amount of money to buy your car, why not take some time to keep it in excellent working order using a trained mechanic. St. Albans garage services propose booking your car in for a service once every 12 months or depending on mileage.

What to expect when you bring your car for a full service in a reputable garage:

  • Engine check
  • Electrical assessment
  • Steering & exhaust examination
  • Tyre & brake inspection
  • Internal examination

All of these checks are designed to ensure your car is running to the best of its ability, if you are a heavy car user, it is advisable to have your vehicle examined every 6 months as opposed to 1 year.


Regular car maintenance doesn’t just improve fuel efficiency and performance, it also ensures safety. If you have kids, friends or other family members travelling in your car on a regular basis, you must ensure their safety by having your vehicle checked by a trained technician.


Buying a car isn’t a small investment, second to your home it is one of the biggest you’ll make in your lifetime. So why not increase its lifespan by scheduling regular maintenance checks to guarantee it is a finely tuned machine.


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