How to Repair an Automatic Gearbox


Automatic gearboxes are the most common types of gearboxes used in cars today. Stick shifts or manual gearboxes are quickly going out of fashion as more and more people prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission. They don’t mind relinquishing a bit of control for added convenience.

However, automatic gearboxes are definitely susceptible to a series of problems. There are a number of issues that are likely to arise, sometimes due to wear and tear, and sometimes due to poor maintenance. Some of the most common automatic gearbox repairs in Epping include:

  • Gear fluid leaking
  • Gear doesn’t switch or gets stuck
  • Grinding noises during switching

If you want to get the gearbox repaired, here are a few tips that will help.

Find a Specialist

Instead of taking your car to an ordinary workshop, you need to find a specialist who can repair the gearbox. You might want to search online for local companies that offer gearbox repair services, and then decide which one to go to. Going to a specialist is always a wise idea and will ensure a complete fix.

What About Replacements?

In some cases, the gearbox might be so worn out that replacing it would be a better idea. You may want to talk to the specialist and get their opinion about whether you should repair the gearbox or replace it altogether. It’s a wise move that will save you from a ton of trouble and spending in the future.

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