Do You Need a Car Odor Eliminator Bomb?


You have just purchased your new car, maybe a new “German machine” (mercerize Benz) and all of a sudden it starts to develop a “funny” smell. The best remedy for this is to get a car odor eliminator bomb. Yes, you heard me a bomb. No, I am not talking about blowing up your car with an explosive bomb. 

I am referring to the air freshener bomb.This is a metal container that contains a highly concentrated dose of odor destroying natural chemicals. When the air freshener bomb is in the car and all windows and doors are closed, the molecule from the odor-destroying freshener spread out throughout the car and neutralizes the bad odor. 

Know the Most Recommended Air Freshener Bomb

There are numerous car odor eliminator bombs; the decision to choose which fits your needs depends on you and your lifestyle. A good number of them are called odor bombs simply because they bomb away your odor; there are also some known as “stink bomb” which causes bad odor, but why go for a bomb which will disgust you? Below are the most used and loved car odor eliminator bombs.

  1. Value pack- this freshener contains 12 different odor bomb canisters 
  2. Dakota air fresher bombs for cars 
  3. Meguiar’s air freshener bomb for cars 

How effectively does a car odor eliminator work?

Using a bomb is an effective way to eliminate bad odor in your car. Numerous car owners who have utilized it state that this effective compared to other car freshening methods such as cleaning the interior of a car. 

But on rare occasions, people do report that the bad odors remained even after utilizing the bomb. This situation usually occurs in severe cases, mostly when the odor is deeply ingrained in the vehicles. This situation can be solved by using an ozone generator. 

How long will the Car Odor eliminator bomb last in your car?

This could not be specifically a solution to long-term bad smell; it destroys bad odor when you’re using it and will not destroy odor-causing particles in the future. The sweet-smelling scent may last for a short duration of time, for instance, a week or so. 

By any chance you what to keep away future bad odor from entering your vehicle, it is recommended you use an odor-absorbing bad of activated carbon. Activated carbons absorb all the odor-causing particles that may happen to come into contact with them hence eliminating the bad odor from your car for a long duration. 

Can Air Freshener Kill Germs and Bacteria?

A good number of car odor eliminator bombs are chemical. They can kill bacteria that maneuvering in your car before you get one check if it claims to eradicate bacteria. 

Why use a Bomb instead of a Normal Air Freshener?

Many people will prefer to clean the interior of their vehicle, and the bad odor will be destroyed, although the lazy one will try to clean the interior, and the odor will remain. If your one of them, you’re required to use the car odor eliminator bomb; this will be fast and quick. In some instances, your car will be filled with the smell of smoke, cleaning bit will not eliminate the bad odor, instead used a bomb, and it will be destroyed. 

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