Top 5 BMW cars for big families


The finest family car, according to most parents, has huge cargo, folding seats, and excellent safety features. However, the ideal family ride must include much more. Large families are naturally well served by a family automobile that seats seven passengers, whether for a quick trip to the beach with youngsters and their friends or a prolonged vacation with granny and grandpa. To maximize packing space, the seatbacks should be individually foldable. Additional features include separate internal temperature settings, allowing mom and dad to set the temperature just right for everyone.

BMW does not just offer premium designs and style, it’s also superior in the race of big family cars. Check out used BMW car prices in India and experience the luxury BMW experience!

Let’s check out the top BMW cars for big families.

The BMW X5

The BMW X5 is designed to allow you to command any route with unrivaled comfort and ease. Whether you’re hunting for the unknown or want to up the ante on your driving experience. A sculpted exterior with imposing dimensions will make your presence known in the city, on the highway, and beyond.

The BMW X5 knows where it’s going, thanks to innovative technologies that increase safety and driving dynamics on any surface. And how to get there in the first place.

The BMW X5 xDrive30d’s pleasure begins with a simple touch of the accelerator pedal. The turbochargers with indirect intercooling can produce this much torque even at low rpm.

With such classy movements, even when the car is full! BMW has it all! Book yours too in used BMW car sales in India for splendid offers.

BMW 5 Series

Its mission statement is to “establish new standards.” The BMW 5 Series epitomizes the modern corporate car. It successfully satisfies today’s expectations for a vehicle of its class, thanks to its dynamic and exquisite appearance: aesthetic athleticism and driving enjoyment with cutting-edge technology. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design in an interview said,  “The BMW 5 Series displays motorway dynamics and elegance in a perfect combination. It is therefore the ideal business sedan.”

BMW is full of such great words. Every car produced by BMW is an example of excellent manufacturing and amazing design. You can get one for you too! Go to Used BMW cars prices and book yours too!


What exactly is a good-handling mid-range SUV? Before BMW started creating SUVs, the idea would have been ridiculous – but the BMW X3 gets handling appeal down pat.

The X3 has top-tier driver appeal, even if the smaller diesel options can be a little unrefined when pushed.

The plug-in X3 xDrive30e PHEV may not shine as brightly as its conventionally powered range-mates in terms of dynamic performance, but in every other way, the X3 is a winner and a close second to the Audi Q5. The standard equipment on some trim levels is a little stingy, but the car’s perceived quality is superior to almost all others, and its on-road qualities are difficult to criticize, even with run-flat tyres.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to pack all your belongings, load up your family and go for a long drive! This premium life is much closer than you think! Check out used BMW cars for great benefits.

From the future to the not-so-distant past. Until around ten years ago, a I in the name of a BMW model stood for “injection,” the gasoline engine injection technology. Many people nowadays identify the I of BMW I with the future of mobility. BMW I represents a comprehensive approach to and forward-thinking vision of sustainable mobility.

With an excellent approach like this and superior benefits, BMW rules the automobile industry. This can be inhibited in your backyard too! Check out used BMW car sales in India and redeem such benefits!

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