2021 Honda CB125F: A Powerful Commuter Bike that Never Frustrates


Many people who visit Honda motorbike dealers to buy their preferred bikers care about speed, ergonomic design, and exceptional performance. The 2021 Honda CB125F offers this and much more. It is the ideal motorbike for anyone looking for a stylish yet affordable 125cc bike. Are you contemplating on whether to acquire one? Check out the details included in this comprehensive review. 

Chassis, Styling, and Equipment

The bike comes with a new tubular frame that is 1.7 kg lighter. In addition, it is constructed with high tensile steel, which is highly durable. The frame does a stellar job in suspending the engine from a robust central spine and encompasses geometry that issues a perfect balance between stability and comfort. It weighs a maximum of 117kg, which makes it lighter than its predecessors. The lightness also contributes to the ease of handling of the bike. When it comes to style, it now looks sportier with a unique styling that the market has never seen before.

Performance and Price

The 2021 Honda CB125F leverages the new enhanced smart power engine to provide bike enthusiasts with over 27% additional fuel economy. It achieves this without compromising on the overall performance. If you can cover more distance with less fuel, you will save a lot of money in the long run. The motorcycle is also fitted with less friction technology, such as needle bearings for the rocker arms, offset cylinder, and piston oil jet. The bike also has the ACG starter that generates adequate power and adds to the engine’s featherweight.

You will part with £2,799.00 to own a brand new 2021 Honda CB125F from Honda motorbike dealers. It is one of the newest rides on the market with a price worth its specifications. 

2021 Honda CB125F vs KTM Duke 125

Both bikes are the best you can have at the moment. However, the Honda CB125F is a beast in so many ways. For instance, compared to KTM Duke 125, 2021 Honda CB125F is way lighter, making it the ideal bike that can stand rough handling and extreme adventures both on and off-road. It makes commutation extremely fast and enjoyable.

Also, the Honda CB125F beats its counterpart in terms of engine performance and fuel efficiency. Besides being lightweight, the friction has been greatly reduced, which means your bike is way nimbler than its competitors on the market. You’ll enjoy it on long rides without worry.

Ready for a 2021 Honda CB125F?

Moten Honda is one of the best Honda motorbike dealers if you are looking to purchase a 2021 Honda CB125F and step out like a boss. The dealer offers free delivery within London and allows you to finance your bike if you don’t have the cash to buy outright. Get in touch with them today and enjoy every second of your trip.

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