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A complete guide to truck AC repairs and maintenance


With time, the performance of the vehicle AC tends to get lower. The reasons for this can be clogged tubes, or hose pipe, resulting in ineffective heating and cooling abilities. Read further in this commercial truck ac repair guide.

Signs of a faulty air conditioning system

  • If the AC system of your vehicle supplies fewer cooling as compared to the outdoor air.
  • The air that blows inside smells musty, damp, or like mildew.
  • The cabin of your truck does not heat up in the winter season.
  • The defroster takes too much time to work than normal or does not work at all.
  • The heating or air conditioning system of your vehicle only operates while driving, and not when sitting idle inside. Thus, it stops blowing when the vehicle is at a halt.
  • You experience a low airflow even at the highest setting.
  • The air conditioner blows warm air, or the heating system blows cool air.

If your truck is having any of these symptoms, it’s time to contact the most reliable commercial truck repair in Gainesville.

What is a truck maintenance checklist?

A commercial truck maintenance checklist is an electronic or paper-based form that contains items which mechanics, truck drivers, and other related parties should check to ensure the consistent working of the semi-truck. Hence, this would ultimately lower the chances of a breakdown.

These checklists vary depending on a certain vehicle and usage prototype. Moreover, these checklists let the delivery business and fleet managers plan commercial truck AC repair and maintenance before the truck leaves for the job.

What is preventive vehicle maintenance?

A preventive maintenance checklist for semi-trucks in Gainesville aids the companies in achieving the most service and value from the vehicle. Such types of programs attempt to anticipate problems before they take place and how they should be treated before they become worse. Below are a few customary items includes in the preventive maintenance checklist program:

  1. Components tightening
  2. Brake repairing
  3. Lubrication
  4. Filter changes
  5. Tire rotation
  6. Radiator maintenance
  7. Oil changes

In summary

As you have gone through this truck AC repairs & maintenance guide, we expect that you have got to know in-depth about the signs of faulty air conditioning, and preventive truck maintenance checklist.

Search for the companies that offer the fitting services of commercial truck repair in Gainesville.

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