See Ford Brake System Items and Maintenance Times


The brake of your Ford car is far from being just that pedal between the accelerator and the clutch. The pedal only triggers a complex system that transforms the mechanical pressure of your foot into hydraulic pressure that reaches the wheels and makes them stop.

Most Ford cars have disc brakes on the front wheels and drums at the rear. See the function of each part of the brake system, the problems that you can detect and the durations of each item. The brake assembly must be checked every 10,000 kilometers. If the time comes to change any part, then always prefer, an online store of Ford spare parts at discounted prices, to order any part of brake system.

1 – Pedal

The pedal itself does not usually spoil. If it begins to sag, it is indicative that something is wrong with the brake system. It generally does not exchanged, unless you are bent by some accident.

2 – Servo brake

It has the function of assisting the actuation of the brake, multiply for the whole system the force employed by the driver on the pedal. The pedal may become heavy. If this happens, it is a symptom that the servo brake is spoiling.

3 – Master cylinder

Its function is to supply the brake system with fluid from the reservoir and to transform the mechanical pressure of stepping on the pedal in hydraulic pressure. If the valves or inner rubbers have been in trouble, the brake pedal will be low.

4 – Fluid

It is the liquid that runs the entire hydraulic brake system. It stays in the reservoir above the master cylinder. The main problem is the accumulation of water in the fluid, which reduces the braking capacity.

5 – Pipes and hoses

They are the ducts that take the fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels. There are copper pipes in the parts without flexion and hoses near the wheels where there is movement, so-called flexible.

6 – Tablets

It is the parts that come into contact with the brake disc to stop the vehicle. They are only on the front wheels on most cars. In case of exhaust, the car has less braking power. Wear can be felt by the pedal.

7 – Discs

It is on the wheels and makes contact with the pads. The main problem of discs is when they are worn, broken or crooked. This causes braking when braking. Worn inserts may damage discs.

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