What does the Chevrolet Connected Services Include


With every passing day, each and every automobile manufacturer brand is trying their best to keep us safe by keeping us informed as well as entertained. That’s how the entire story of infotainment system evolved in this industry. All the major brands are now developing their own systems and services to curb down the manual hazards of driving and using the car by issuing innovative ways of connectivity between one point and the other. Chevrolet as one of the leading manufacturers too have its own story of connectivity to boost about. As demonstrated by the staff at the Moscow Chevrolet dealership, it is the Chevrolet Connected Services that includes all the convenience packed for everyone whoever trusts Chevrolet and own any of its products.

What is Chevrolet Connected Services

Chevrolet Connected Services in combination with OnStar Safety & Security Plans are to offer all Chevrolet consumers a good number of options that will help keep their vehicle stay connected to be in good shape. The connectivity services include major operations like in-vehicle diagnostics, and safety assistance whenever there is an event of emergency. Besides, the Chevrolet Connected Services also provide real-time navigation or 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot to keep the passengers stay connected when they are on the go. All this is to let the consumers enjoy an enhanced driving experience where they won’t have to miss a bit of their online activity while they are in between their destination points. To reduce the journey fatigue and monotony Chevrolet also wants to keep its passengers entertained and hence there is a plan for everyone, according to their requirements.

Remote Key Fob

The Chevrolet Connected Services needs to be operated through the myChevrolet Mobile App, installed on your smartphone that works as an extension of the way you lead your online connected life. For the recent vehicles the app can be used to start or stop the engine, blow your horn when it is difficult to be located in a crowded parking lot, lock or unlock the doors, and all this can be done from literally anywhere.

Locate your Vehicle

If you are not yourself driving or using your car and your car is driven by someone else, you can easily locate your vehicle through the Chevrolet Connected Services on a map. This feature also allows you to set boundary alerts and share all the custom notifications regarding its arrivals and departures.

Navigating Turn-By-Turn

Gone are those days when we had to ask people to show us our route. Today like all other leading brands Chevrolet OnStar app helps you with finding your destination in a simpler and safer way by directing your way through its Turn-by-Turn Navigation system. It is only with the press of that blue OnStar button you can inform your Advisor where to go  and how to reach, and you don’t have to worry about a single wrong turn.

Emergency Services

Ask anyone at the Moscow Chevrolet Dealer, and they will assure you that the Chevrolet Connected Services never leaves you alone, when you need help at the middle of the road. It connects you to the Chevrolet Emergency Staff almost immediately through its Automatic Crash Response initiated by the Crisis Alert

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Your Chevrolet vehicle got stolen? Do not worry. The OnStar feature of the Chevrolet Connected Services can help locate your vehicle and get in touch with the local authorities to recover it.

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