The Dangers of Sun Damage


Many of the dangers your car faces are obvious. You are worried about other drivers, vandals, cars, and weather damage. In some insurance plans, weather damage isn’t even covered, so you have to be extra vigilant. You probably think of cyclones, thunderstorms, hail, falling branches and trees as the main sources of weather-related automobile damage. You are actually forgetting the main cause of weather-related damage, the sun. Sun damage is one of the most common problems an automobile owner faces. It is also one of the most preventable.

The sun damages your car because of both heat and UV rays. UV rays cause the pigment in the paint to fade. The heat causes the paint to oxidize and fade.


Wash and Wax

As far as routine maintenance, washing and waxing your car often is a great way to fight sun damage. Many different minerals interact with paint and cause it to oxidise. Washing road grime and pollution off your car can keep these elements from degrading the quality of your paint. However, you need to be sure when you’re washing your car that you are not scratching it. You should always use a soft cotton mitt or rag and an automobile cleaning solution. You should clean it away from direct sunlight as well. This will keep the soap and minerals from drying onto the car while you’re washing it. If you have stuck on deposits, do not scratch the car. This will endanger the paint as well. Instead, use a clay bar to remove the stuck-on materials.

It’s important that you dry your car as well. The minerals in some water can be left behind by evaporation. These minerals can interact with sunlight and fade your paint as well.

Make sure to wax your car as well. Wax protects your car from road grime and also blocks much of the sun’s UV rays. In places such as Western Australia where it is very hot, you should definitely be taking these precautions.


In addition to washing and waxing your car, you should look into keeping your car covered, especially in very warm areas. A carport in Perth or similar climates will protect your car almost completely from UV rays. They will not completely keep your car protected from UV rays, so you need to continue washing and waxing. Also, if you park your car at work or the store in direct sunlight, you will be exposing your car to UV rays.

A carport is essentially a patio where you park your car. They shield your car from the sun as well as most other weather-related dangers. Carports are ideal because you do not need to build complex structures to attach to your house. Skilled professionals can build a patio on the side of your house or even turn your existing driveway into a carport.

In addition to protecting from the sun, these structures can protect you from hail and rain. Also, falling branches and limbs will be stopped by the roof.

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