Hiring a Campervan

Tips for Hiring a Campervan for a Family Holiday


A road trip with the family can be a fun holiday, but if you are travelling in a car and staying in hotels, it can get very expensive. Instead of travelling by car, consider hiring a campervan for your trip to save money and see more of the countryside. If you do hire a campervan, here are some travelling tips that can make your trip more comfortable and less expensive.

Hiring a Campervan

Choosing the Vehicle

Before you hire a campervan, determine which equipment and how large of a campervan you will need by considering what you plan to do on your trip. If you are planning to travel in mostly remote areas, then you will want a campervan with a large capacity water tank and solar panels to help supply energy to the vehicle. However, if you are planning to stay in campsites, you will have access to water, so you won’t need to carry a lot of water with you and you will be able to plug in the vehicle every night.

If you are travelling with children, consider getting a vehicle that will allow you to have some adult privacy after they have gone to bed. Some campervans have bunks that are curtained off so your children can sleep peacefully while you and your spouse stay up and have a glass of wine before going to bed. In addition, consider going up a size to have more room in the campervan. If there are four of you travelling, consider hiring a vehicle that sleeps six.

Found Out What Is Included

Before you sign for the campervan, find out what benefits are included in the price of the rental and find out about any hidden costs. In many cases, you have to bring the rental back with a full tank in order not to be charged for fuel or there may be hidden taxes that you should find out about before committing to a Cruisin campervan hire. These costs have to be accounted for in your travel budget so you don’t overspend and can enjoy your trip.

Use Public Toilets When You Can

If you don’t want to be tasked with emptying the wastewater and toilet every night, then stop and use public restrooms when you have the opportunity. When you fill up the campervan with fuel, use the restroom at the station. Use the toilet at the camping site instead of the one in the campervan during your stay so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it out before you hit the road again.

When you do need to empty the toilet and wastewater, do so only at wastewater treatment stations to help preserve the environment. Most campsites with have a wastewater treatment station, as will most parks within any cities you are visiting. On the road, look for signs that indicate a wastewater treatment station with “WWTP” written on them.

Travelling by campervan can be a fun, exciting way to see the countryside and to visit areas you’ve always wanted to see.

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