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How to Save Money When Traveling to Venice


When traveling to Venice, most people wonder how to get from the airport to the hotel, and what means of airport transfer are the most affordable ones. This article provides you with the necessary information on the subject, so keep on reading.

Our first advice is to make sure you have the accurate address and information on how to reach the hotel. This information is necessary whether you choose to opt for a taxi or public transportation as well.

Venice airport water taxi

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, and you are loaded with luggage, it is recommendable to book your taxi in advance. You can obtain a significant discount if you book a two-way round trip. All you have to do book your water taxi airport transfer and provide the necessary information regarding your destination address. The hire charge encompasses four passengers, including their luggage. In Venice, taxi boats or water taxis, are a comfortable way of traveling to your hotel. The ride is fast, and reliable while offering you a different, pleasant perspective over the City on the water. The meeting point with the driver is generally at the airport after you have collected your luggage and passed cleared customs.

Fast taxi

Public transportation

It is important to remember that when it comes to public airport transfer in Venice, on early mornings, Sundays and important holidays, they operate differently, so the schedules might vary. There are two affordable public transportation options – ACTV local bus and ATVO direct coaches. Depending on the traffic, you will reach Piazzale Roma in appreciatively 20 minutes. Piazalle Roma is located at the end of the historic city of Venice. From there you can either take a land taxi or a water bus, depending on your hotel address. The ACTV bus has four drives per hour, and will bring you to Piazzale Roma in 25 minutes as well. You can travel with luggage included.

If you buy your bus ticket using a Tourist travel card, a one-way ticket will cost you €4, and a two-way ticket will cost €8. If you purchase separately, the price differs – €6 one-way ticket, and €11, a two-way ticket. You also have the possibility to buy a one-way bus + Vaporetto ticket for a bus ride to Piazzale Roma and a Vaporetto trip that is available for one hour and a half for the price of only €12.

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