Renting Cars

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Renting Cars


You may be visiting different places either on business or pleasure trips, where you may need car rental services in order to travel from one place to another. If you are not quite experienced in dealing with car rental companies then chances are that they may take you for a ride. You may get a rude shock when you get their bills. Therefore before hiring your car on rental consider the following points.

Renting Cars

  • Buy your own excess waiver policy – Whenever you decide to rent a Toyota car or any other car of your choice, the car rental companies charge the insurance costs too. However, you will find that their insurance cost is unbelievably high, which may surprise you. Therefore, before renting a car you must buy an excess waiver policy, whereby your insurance charge will be reduced almost to zero.
  • Fill your own petrol – You may ask for car with an empty tank and pay for the fuel of your own. If you fill petrol from Rental Company then they will charge very high price and will not refund for the petrol that remains in excess. Therefore, you take car with empty tank and return back by emptying the tank.
  • Do not accept upgraded car – Most of the car rental companies may tell you that the car of your choice is not available with them and hence insist you to take upgraded car with higher charges. You must not accept their upgraded car in the first instance. If they insist then do not agree to pay higher charges.
  • Don’t pay for any extra facility – In many cases, you may need to have certain extra facilities along with your Toyota rental car. However, our suggestion is that you must not seek for them from rental companies. They will charge very huge amount and therefore buy them from other source from market or have your own.
  • Do not book your car from the desk – If you are planning to take car on rentals then it is better to book them in advance through online booking instead of booking at the desk. Booking in advance can save lots of money. On the other hand, if you book from the desk then not only it will cost you more, but also you will get unsuitable vehicle, particularly if you are travelling during peak season.
  • Get your car inspected while returning – Sometimes you may get unexpected bill charged by the car rental companies, stating that you have returned the car in damaged condition or there was no required amount of fuel while returning. Therefore, while hiring, you must ask them to get the vehicle properly inspected, so that while returning there is no damage and get it endorsed in the receipt.
  • Look for hidden charges – You must read the fine print of the car hiring policy carefully, so that they may not charge you extra for certain unknown reasons.

To put it in one statement, you must keep your eyes open while taking any car on rental, so that they will not overcharge.

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