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5 Things to Consider Before You Convert a Bus into a Mobile Home


Does the idea of living in a mobile home sound exciting to you? Why not follow in the footsteps of thousands of American families who live full time in RVs? Know what? Many of these families did a smart job in setting up their homes-on-wheels – they bought old school buses and converted them into a wheeled-home. If you have been longing to own a unique motor home, a bus conversion for sale will be your best bet. Why? Buses are designed to last for long. Therefore, even if you are purchasing an old bus, you can be rest assured that you have bought something sturdy, and that it would not fail you by breaking down suddenly in the middle of the road. Above all, with a bus conversion, it’s you who decides how the interior should look like. It’s however, not easy to locate a suitable bus for conversion. There are several aspects to consider. Start with these five primary criteria:

Mobile Home


When you are living full time within a small space, every inch matters. It, therefore, makes sense to spend a lot of time to correctly assess your needs for space. Make a mental note of all furniture and other items that you plan to have in your motor home. This will help you figure out exactly how much space you might need. Now decide whether you need a bus exceeding 40 feet in length or you can  manage with a 36 feet option. Don’t compromise on the aspect of space. If you cannot find a unit that meets your needs now, wait till you find one. Never settle on a size below your requirement.


Old buses are available at an incredibly low price. But don’t purchase one such unit in hurry. Consider your driving style first. Can you comfortably drive a bus with manual transmission, or would you prefer automatic transmission? If you are not confident about driving a manual unit, don’t opt for models that have been manufactured before1995.

Types of Buses

When it comes to buying a bus for conversion, old school buses are not the only choice – there are luxury coaches, there are those huge transit buses and there are those wide, old-fashioned Greyhound buses. Each has its unique list of advantages. School buses are, for example, the most affordable option. You have a lot of choice when it comes to the length. Coaches are expensive, but they offer a lot of storage space underneath – a valuable feature for big families.

Fuel Types

Diesel engines offer a variety of advantages over their gasoline counterparts – better mileage, longer lasting, higher torque, less carbon monoxide emission and more. Majority of buses come with diesel engines.


A front engine or a diesel pusher? Well it’s not easy to choose between the two as both of them have their unique advantages. Rear engine buses flaunt a better look and feel, but with an engine in the back, you will lose space that otherwise could have been utilized for some other purposes. For example, in a rear engine bus, you will have to place your bed on top of the engine block, while a front engine unit would allow you to use a loft-style bed. Keep these small, yet important aspects in mind.

Converting an old bus into a comfortable motor home is a fantastic idea. However, before you finally purchase a bus conversion for sale, research diligently. You may not get what you are looking for in the nearby areas. In that case, if you are willing to travel far to get your bus, you may have many more lucrative options to choose from. Consider getting in touch with a reliable dealer for the purpose.

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