The Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Impala

Top Eco-Friendly Cars That Are The Way Forward


The world is changing in so many ways. Over the last decade or so we’ve seen technology leap forward. It’s amazing to think that the iPhone was only released to the market for the first time in 2007. Since then smart phones have gone on a journey to the amazing gadgets that we hold in our pockets today.

In a world of cars things are progressing no less speedily. The next evolution of the automobile is the eco-friendly car. In the future fossil fuels will be the past. Right now we have a choice to make as individuals as to whether we jump on the green bandwagon or not. In the future the truth is that we won’t have the choice because the products that we are offered will be as green as they can be with within the constraints of commercial reality. That is where we are heading.

As we move through 2014 there are some incredible eco-friendly cars on the horizon. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best that could well tempt you into a hybrid or a full electric version of a car. If you choose a green car then you will save money on your fuel bills, taxes and will be doing the right thing for the planet. As we become more socially and economically responsible- as we grow up- it is crucial that we do make choices that are right not just for ourselves but also for our kids in the future, and their kids after them. We are also already seeing Hybrid and electric cars hit sites like Gumtree car section and Piston Heads Classifieds, so it is possible to pick up second hand models now too.

So without further ado here is a look at some pretty amazing eco-friendly cars.

The Toyota FCV

The fuel cell vehicle is totally powered by its own electricity production. The process is complex. Essentially hydrogen goes through a chemical process in order to derive a spark to drive the motor. The only emissions from this vehicle are water vapour. The range of the vehicle is impressive at 300 miles on a full hydrogen tank, and refuelling is no more inconvenient than going to the gas station.

At the moment hydrogen pumps are few and far between. California is one of the few places that has many of them. The car is coming to limited markets sometime in 2015 or 2016, at a cost of around £30,000. It is a great looking car worthy of your attention.

The Hyundai Tuscan Fuel Cell

Again this car uses a hydrogen fuel storage system. Aesthetically it is just like a standard Hyundai Crossover SUV, but there is less storage space because of the incorporation of the hydrogen tank. Again the car should travel around 300 miles between fill ups. You will be able to pick up one of these cars for around $499 per month on lease.

The Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Impala

The Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Impala

This car runs on compressed natural gas. You save about 30% on your fuel bills with this fuel and will be able to run for around 150 miles. After this you will be able to switch over to petrol for a total range of around 500 miles. There is no manual switching required as the car automatically switches between the different fuel sources. This car is going to come out in 2014 2015 and cost in the region of £38,200.

The Volkswagen E Golf

This car look much like a traditional Golf but is fully powered by the electric 240 V battery. The range is only 87 miles and it takes 4 hours to charge. This doesn’t seem particularly impressive but the vehicle does look great and the product is certainly superior to many out there on the market. It is the first fully electric vehicle bought out by Volkswagen and goes on sale for around £22,000. It is an interesting option for the eco-conscious young man or woman of today.

All of these eco-cars have something going for them. It is interesting to see the diversity of options available in the market at the moment, from full electric to hydrogen powered, 2 hybrid and so forth. The truth is that any way that you can save money and do good for the environment, whilst supporting an industry that must flourish in the future, is a good thing.

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