BMW Hybird

Some important facts about the BMW Hybrid Models


BMW have released a range of hybrid models that have the elegance as well as the dynamics to make it stand out in its market. Hybrid models combine science and technology to equip the cars with an internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor. They are becoming more and more popular but still some people are unaware of the benefits of hybrid cars. The cars aim to reduce the consumption of fuel while increasing the performance of the cars.

If you view the BMW hybrid car range you will see that the cars are not just innovative, but have better drive systems. The use of electric power has aimed to reduce carbon dioxide pollution as well petrol consumption. If you choose a hybrid model, you will not have to compromise on the space and comfort as the interiors of the cars are made up of high quality materials along with room for a luggage compartment. If you still aren’t convinced, here are some of the amazing facts about the hybrid models:

BMW Hybird

More Durable Components: The use of durable car parts in the BMW hybrid models reduces the chances of wear, so you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the car.

Less petrol consumption and eco-friendly: Due to the usage of a petrol and electric motor combination system, the emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced. The electric motors produce no emissions and thus are more environmentally friendly.

Warranty period: The warranty period of the hybrid models is more than the traditional models. Usually its 3 years but for BMW hybrid models, the warranty stretches to 5.The BMW i8 comes with a battery warranty of 8 years.

Engine with less noise: The electric motor reduces demand on the engine, giving the car the ability to run almost silently. The electric motors give more pleasure to the drivers and also reduce the noise pollution.

Works best in the city: If you live and work in the city, the hybrid model is ideal. With features like no noise, and electric motors in a low-speed environment the hybrid BMW models are more convenient for city driving. The hybrid models can also provide you with better performance on the motorways with higher electric power.

Best in terms of reselling: As the hybrid BMW models have durable parts, better features and longer warranties, if you want to resell the car, you can get it at a better price than traditional models.

The next generation of hybrid technology brings you models that are not only classy in how they look, but also in terms of their usage. The BMW active hybrid has already started gaining prominence in the market and will soon become the choice for most people.

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