What is the Speciality of Chevrolet Small Cars


Chevrolet as a leading auto making brand has always stayed ahead with their innovative ideas in making life easier and better with intelligent solutions, just the way things feel right. At this current global scenario, where the entire world is struggling with ever-decreasing source of energy, Chevrolet contributed with some appreciable solutions to address these issues.

Realizing the very fact, that our urban lives are getting smaller than before and doesn’t always move in a large number of groups, they came up with the introduction of small cars that is made for individual use or just for 4 passengers. For buyers who are looking for a car that can act super smart with enough space for a small family unit and their belongings while running with the desired efficiency, the small cars from Chevrolet are the best options.

Here are some more reasons that the experts of the Decatur Chevrolet dealership shared with us for a better understanding of why these small cars from Chevrolet can be the best pick for you.

Boldness in Bits

These small cars from Chevrolet are ready to go any length to make you feel just aptly equipped on roads. They do create a huge impression with tons of boldness packed in a compact size with fun colors you would admire and personalization options that make these cars the perfect pieces of statement.

Chevrolet Small Car Technology

The 2018 Chevrolet Spark and Sonic are the small cars that are best examples of how technology can make you feel luxurious in a relatively smaller cabin size. The MyLink connectivity option from Chevrolet equipped with a 7-inch touch-screen diagonally placed along with the latest phone integration with the built-in display. One can even add in the available 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity to stay connected all through their journey.

Fuel Efficiency

The Chevrolet small car lineup has more to enjoy and benefit from. Fuel efficiency is one of the basic reasons to bring these cars out. Chevrolet made sure that these cars run no less than 30mpg in a combined trip and sometimes it goes beyond the expectation.

Chevrolet Small Car Safety Features

The opinions of the Decatur Chevrolet dealer experts were that, even these cars are smaller in size, Chevrolet didn’t leave any scope for the vehicles to face undue hazards as they pass through challenging driving situations. Drivers and passengers in these small cars of Chevrolet are protected by ample Safety and driver assistance features to compensate human errors with the perfection of technology. Here are the technological benefits we get in the small Chevrolet cars.

Smart safety

The small cars of Chevrolet like the 2018 models of Spark and Sonic feature a full-set of 10 standard air bags that are placed inside a high-strength-steel reinforced safety cage. To ensure you stay safe, Chevrolet offers an array of available advanced safety features in its small car lineup that helps in preventing collisions before they come that are listed below:

  • Available Forward Collision Alert
  • Available Rear Park Assist
  • Available Lane Departure Warning
  • Standard Rear Vision Camera

The Concluding Factors

Hence, these stylish and easy to park small cars, that are sporty enough and fun to drive do have many reasons to top the list of favorites for many.

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