Cadillac DTS Limousine

The Different Kinds of Limousines


Everyone feels pretty familiar with the limousine. Many people, when the word “limousine” is mentioned, think of the very long cars that are commonly called “stretch limousines.” However, this is not entirely accurate. Technically, a limousine is just a luxury sedan. They are typified by a separation between the driver and the passengers using a partition. These partitions are usually powered so they can be rolled up or down. They were named for a particular kind of cloak and hood worn by drivers in the Limousine region. Originally, they were closed wagons with open driver compartments.

They are appropriate for different circumstances.

Cadillac DTS  Limousine

Classic Car

Classic cars are very popular as limousines at the moment. Rolls Royce and Mercedes-Benz are very popular types of limousines.

The 1950s Bentley S-series is a very popular type of limousine. The Bentley S was a car developed by Bentley Motors Limited. The car was built from 1955 to 1959. It was the first truly redesigned vehicle developed after World War II. It was also the first car built on an independent chassis.

The S stands for the Steel Saloon that came standard on the vehicles. It was larger than previous models and slightly longer. The car was revolutionary in that its doors, hood, and other parts were made from aluminium. The suspension was also softer, creating an easier ride in the car. Limousine companies such as Bellagio Limousines employ a Bentley S1 in their fleet of classic vehicles.


Not all limousines began their lives as luxury cars, though. Some limos, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limousine, are based on more standard production models. While they might not be quite as “fancy” as some of the classic car models, they offer many features. The classic cars, designed for smaller passengers, tend to have much less leg room and head room. An SUV limousine will provide all of the room that passengers can require for moving around inside the vehicle.

Also, the modern suspensions of SUVs are built to withstand the rugged stresses of driving off-road. Therefore, they are going to be very sturdy suspensions that provide a softer ride for passengers.

Modern Luxury Cars

Modern luxury cars such as the new Mercedes offer the level of luxury and comfort that one comes to expect from luxury vehicles, but they do not have the same problems as the classic cars. Classic cars were built with older engines. These older engines use large air filters and carburettors that are prone to breaking down. They are very reliable if given routine maintenance, though. However, more modern vehicles with advanced engines and fuel injection, do not require the constant upkeep. They are reliable. Also, they are easier on drivers since they have power steering and power braking. Their advanced suspensions offer easier rides.

In addition to comfort, they are more economically viable. Modern vehicles do not cost as much to buy or maintain as classic cars. Also, the engines are much more efficient. Therefore, they release fewer dangerous chemicals through the exhaust. Also, they have much greater gas mileage which keeps prices lower.

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