C1 City Car

The Citroen C1 City Car


Cars designed for use in the city are very much the latest option for people wanting to cut costs.

The excellent news about the new Citroen C1 is that it is cheap to run, easy to drive around town and is equipped with a Toyota engine that has been well tested for reliability. The company has such confidence in the new car that it offers a full three year warranty.

The entry level model, the VT feels quite basic and does not have much in the way of equipment, particularly some items that other manufacturers give as standard. Compared to the VW option, the ‘Up’, the Citroen feels like it has a poor quality build with some fairly tacky plastic materials on the interior of the car. In addition, the C1 is noisy when driven on the motorway.

C1 City Car

That said, the car needs to be assessed on how it works in the target group for which it was aimed – young people or first time car buyers.

The low running costs of the C1 make it an ideal choice for young drivers who have just passed their test and who want to purchase their first vehicle. The price of the car is higher than the Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10 but as Citroen is looking to increase its share of this lucrative market, many dealers are offering discounts so there is plenty of room to manouevre on the headline price.

Other cars will have a better specification, but, where the Citroen scores heavily is on the low running costs. The price of fuel is extortionate and a car that will achieve 65.7 mpg on short journeys is a prize. Add to that the low emissions which make the car free of road tax and the low cost insurance that is available and suddenly the C1 becomes an attractive option for a new driver.

In spite of the size of the C1 there is some reasonable luggage space with large side bins in the doors and a 139 litre boot. This can be increased by folding down the seats and it turns into a respectable 751 litres of space. Higher spec models like the VTR Plus also have a 50:50 split which makes accessing the rear an easier prospect.

The C1 is really designed for nipping around town or city and the rear seats are only suitable for small children and then only for a limited amount of time. The front passenger has adequate space and some storage spaces like the various cubbies and glove box.

A number of changes have been made to the Citreon C1 and the footwell fittings for car mats have changed to a new configuration. Cars made prior to 2012 were equipped with only one fixing for the drivers mat but the new model has two. This is important because car mats that aren’t tailor made can slip whilst driving, causing accidents.

Suppliers like My Car Mats and Halfords can provide the latest model, so it’s worth shopping around the find the perfect fit.

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