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Technologies That Would Enhance the Driving Experience


Everyone must be aware of the famous television show ‘Knight Rider’ starring David Hasselhoff. Here, he was teamed with an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) enabled car, K.I.T.T which was capable of talking, driving and several other functions without any human assistance. While watching the show, we all dreamt of having a car with similar capabilities, if not all. However, we instantly would laugh at such ideas but now in the next few years, all these would be really possible.

Magnaflow Exhaust Parts

Here are some of the upcoming technological advancements which would definitely leave the world dumb struck.

  • Driver Override systems: This indicates the self awareness of the car where it would simply disregard your command and make its own decisions. Under this system, the car would be capable of making and initiating commands, all on its own. Such a technology is said to be useful when the car loses control and the driver is unable to stop the car.
  • Biometric Vehicle Access: This biometric technology is already present in the mobiles as a security measure. The same technology is on the verge of being used in the automobiles. This means that cars would no more require key; it would start, lock and unlock just with your finger prints or eyeballs.
  • Driver monitoring systems: Humans are quite susceptible to physical ailments such as illness, diseases and so on. This system is claimed to keep a track of the driver’s vital information such as heart beat, blood pressure and so on. Although this technology is still under research, it is said to be fully functional within the next 5 years.
  • Remote vehicle shutdown: This is something prevalent in some cars but not in all of them. As per this, a vehicle can be shut down via remote access which can help in retrieving stolen cars, catching fleeing criminals and so on.
  • Windows Display: The HUD technology in cars which we have always seen in several science fiction movies where the windshield would display all the information which are usually seen in the dashboard. By the next 5 years, cars are claimed to have such technology inbuilt. One can just imagine getting the navigational information right on the windshield.
  • Reconfigurable and customizable body parts: Presently, the small versions of the SUVs are increasing in demand whereas the sales of trucks have been growing with leaps and bounds. Combine an SUV which has lightweight body panels and advanced motors to a Chrysler minivan stow and go seat design. You would get the combined looks and advantages of both a truck and a SUV.
  • Communication among vehicles: This does not mean the usual communicating with the driver and asking him or her to move away. This is actually machines communicating with each other. This technological advancement is claimed to increase road safety by decreasing the chances of collisions between cars.

Among all these notable advancements, the Magnaflow Exhaust Parts cannot be left out. These exhaust parts claim to not only enhance the entire mobility of a vehicle but would also reduce the pollution of the environment.

All of these technological advancements would surely take the level of driving as well as driver’s experience to a whole new level. Although these would definitely come at heavy price, we can just hope for the time when technology would become easily affordable.

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