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People choose second-hand cars over brand new motors for a variety of reasons, and with most new cars losing around 40% of their value after a year on the road, it’s no surprise to see so many drivers opt for used vehicles. The used car market is ideal for any driver looking for a higher level of choice, with a wealth of budgets and tastes being catered for. Alex Scott Guidepost can help if you’re looking for a great used Ford, so why not visit for Ford Northumberland?

used car for less

Eliminating risks

Perhaps you’ve never purchased a used car before? Then why not ask for advice and guidance from a more experienced friend or family member? Many people opt for dealers rather than private sellers as they get more protection from the Sale of Goods Act. With most dealers being part of trade associations, there are fewer risks attached to choosing a dealer. Membership of such an association can be the biggest asset a dealer has, which is why they won’t want to risk being removed from the network by breaking the customer-friendly rules laid out for them.

used car

More things to look out for

Do make sure you’ll actually be able to afford to run the car. Low price tags can be very persuasive, but you’ll need to be able to stretch to the tax, insurance and fuel too. Always view cars in dry, light conditions where faults cannot be obscured. Make sure you take the car for a test drive and perform an emergency stop so you can see how the car handles in dangerous scenarios. Look for evidence of a full service history and ensure that everything featured on the documents reflects what you have been told. By approaching the market sensibly, you can make a great deal on a second-hand car.

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