Car Clean

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean This Summer


Cars are expensive things. But keeping them clean is no mean feat. If your car’s interior is being constantly bombarded with dirty boots, children and pets, you face an uphill struggle to keep it looking respectable.

Car Clean

Cleaning your car

Cleaning the interior of a car is a time consuming and often expensive task. It is one which requires the use of a variety of weird and wonderful chemical agents, cloths and sponges. It also requires a surprising about of time and skill and for this reason, many seek to get their car valeted professionally.

But for the most part, a car can be kept looking sufficiently respectable with only an occasional quick-clean, consisting of three basic steps:

Remove the rubbish

The speed at which detritus can accumulate on the inside of a car is a source of constant astonishment. After a matter of mere weeks, a spotless car can turn into something resembling a landfill. The first order of business in any cleaning effort should therefore be to remove this rubbish first.


Once the big rubbish has been done away with, all that remains will be the little particles which might have settled into the cracks. These can be tackled with your home vacuum-cleaner – if you have a handheld one, so much the better.


It’s also worth occasionally giving your carpets and upholstery a more thorough examination. You can find specifically-designed shampoos in all good motoring shops.

Keeping your car protected

As well as cleaning your car, it is also worth investing some effort in keeping your car protected from things that will cause it to need cleaning. After all, if you are having to clean constantly, then both the interior and exterior of your car will begin to age. But what can we do to minimise the risk of dirt accumulating?

Protect your car against pets

Most dog owners will be familiar with the scenario – you take the dog out for a walk in frosty February and have a great deal of fun roaming through the waterlogged British countryside. But in doing so, the dog gradually becomes filthy. By the time you return to the car, the beast is so befouled that the thought of allowing it into your sparkling vehicle is enough to produce tears.

It would be nice if we could wash our pets before allowing them back into our cars – but unfortunately, there simply isn’t a practical way of doing so. But there are ways in which you can protect your car against the harm a dirty dog might inflict upon it and these come in the form of car boot liners for dogs. There are a range of boot protectors for dogs available and they come in several different varieties. At the bottom end of the quality spectrum are those consisting of a simple sheet of fabric, while at the top are those which are more substantial and tailored specifically to your vehicle. The latter will likely prove a wiser investment in the long run – particularly if your vehicle is an expensive one.

Protect your car against children

Transporting children around is a tricky business where housekeeping is concerned. Just as children will make a mess of a house, so too will they make a mess of your car – if you allow them to do so.

You might think that depriving them of anything that can cause a mess is desirable – and there is some wisdom in this. Sticky sweets, fizzy drinks and crayons – which can melt on a hot summer’s day – are all hugely dangerous to your car’s interior. If you must allow such items into your car, then you might plan ahead and bring a plastic bag or bin-liner along with you, so that the sticky threat is negated and your upholstery is thereby protected.

But there are some items which you might allow your pint-sized passengers to carry without worrying too much about litter. This is only sensible, particularly on a long drive; you want children to be distracted enough so that the journey is tolerable. Help is at hand, fortunately, in a hugely underused feature of the modern vehicle, present in even the most modest of cars.

You may have noticed that the rear of your driver and passenger seats is a sizeable pocket. This pocket can be used to store all manner of things which your passengers may be carrying. These might include books, games, bottles of drinks and anything else you can think of.

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