The Most Difficult Theory Test Questions for Learner Drivers


If you are like most people who are learning to drive then you are probably spending hour after hour behind the wheel practicing and that is great. A driving test is no easy thing to pass and the more practice you get, the better you will be at it and the more confidence you will have when you go to take your driving test. The same theory applies to the written test too, but people don’t seem to approach it that way and a large percentage of them do not pass the written theory portion of the driving examination. You really need to prepare for it well and study so you are ready when it comes time for the test. Here are some of the questions on the test that people fail the most often.

Q: Red and White Triangle with Left and Right Facing Arrows – What Does it Mean?

When you go in to take the written portion of the driving test you better be sure to know your signs to say the least. A generous portion of the test will be made up of questions about them and it will not be the easy ones to identify such as stop signs and yield signs. This question had a failure rate of almost 50%.

A: The answer here is that this sign means there is two way traffic which crosses a one way road.

Q: What Percent of Emissions Does Road Transportation Account For?

You probably don’t see what this has to do with your knowledge of being able to operate a motor vehicle safely, but that does not mean you do not have to answer questions like these if they come up on the written test. Again, almost 50% got this question wrong.

A: 20%

Q: What Three Documents Will the Police Ask You For if You Are Involved In a Collision?

Hopefully you will never have a need to do this after you pass your driver’s test and get out there on the open road for real, but you need to be prepared to answer this on the written test. 50% of the test takers got this wrong.

A: Your driver’s license, insurance certificate and your MOT test certificate

Q: If a Cycle Lane is Marked by a Solid White Line When Must You Not Park on It?

A lot of people get this one wrong because it is similar in nature to a trick question. Over 54% of the respondents got this question wrong.

A: During its posted period of operation

Q: In Which 3 Situations May You Overtake Another Vehicle on the Left?

Watch out for this one because it is the number one question on the test that is answered incorrectly. Over 60% of theory test takers got it wrong.

A: When you are on a one way street, when the vehicle in front signals to turn right and when traffic is moving unusually slow in the right hand lanes

So do yourself a big favour and prepare just as hard for the written portion of the driving test as you do for the portion where you are actually behind the wheel.

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