Auto or Manual Gearbox? The Choice Is yours


There are two main types of gearboxes for cars, manual shift and automatic, and while the majority of car drivers prefer auto, there are the enthusiasts and owners of performance cars that will always insist on manual gears for their car. When taking a driving test in the UK, you are advised to learn with a manual gearbox car and take the test using manual shift, as this will allow you to drive both manual and automatic gear vehicles. If you take the test in an auto gear car, then you will only be allowed to drive vehicles with an automatic gearbox, therefore, most people learn the manual way.

  • The Benefits of Automatic Gears – Driving in the city is far more convenient with an auto gear car, as you do not have to depress the clutch pedal and shift the gears every few seconds, and crawling forward is easy, as you just slightly release the brake pedal and the car will inch forward. If your auto gearbox develops a fault, there is affordable Gearbox Repair in Romford from experienced technicians who offer a long warranty.
  • Manual for Improved Performance – Ask any racing driver, and they will confirm that manual gear shifting gives you much more control over how much power is applied, as you can hold the car in a gear until the rpm reaches optimum level, and changing down the gears is a form of braking that is essential for quick driving.

If your automatic gearbox malfunctions, there are specialist gearbox repair centres who can quickly fix any issues and have you back on the road again.

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