Top 5 Lightweight Cars that Rule the Roost


Owning a car is a dream come true for lots of people. But not all of them get to find a car that meets every aspect of their choice. The cars that are available either don’t match their choice of shape or color. And a major issue with most of the cars is that they are quite heavy. And heavy vehicles are usually difficult to control. Besides, they also consume more fuel than their lighter counterparts. So, a lot of people prefer cars that are lightweight and easy to control.

Light cars are usually quite expensive. And there are quite a few reasons for that as well. One of the major advantages of lightweight cars is that they can run really fast. Hence, most of the sports car are usually quite light in weight. The car lovers die for these cars. And they decorate it with different stuff, like the private number plates and other components to make them stand apart in the crowd.

But what are the lightest cars in the world? How do they fare in terms of customer satisfaction?

Here’s a quick look at some of them.

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy has one of the most surprising appearances possible. If you come across a model of this car in some distant landscape, may be in a desert or some mountain, you won’t be completely at fault if you think it has landed straight from some other planet. Sans the wheels, it really reminds you of an UFO. This car has an electric motor, which isn’t extremely powerful. The car has a maximum life of 100 kilometers. So, it can only be helpful for some short trips. The car is light in itself, but you can make it even lighter just by omitting the doors, which are optional in this two-seater vehicle. And the weight? It’s only 474 Kgs!

lightweight car

Westfield Sport 1600i

When you are looking for light vehicles, it is advisable that you focus your search on the sports cars. These vehicles need to travel at an extremely fast pace. So, they need to be really light. And so is the Westfield Sport 1600i is. At just 620 Kilograms, it wins the race hands down among one of the lightest cars available. It has a small Ford engine. Yet, it can reach a high speed, thanks to the light weight. So, this car from Westfield Sportscars is fast becoming one of the most craved for among not only those who participate in races, but car lovers as a whole.

Caterham Superlight R400

A car at just 500 kilograms! Seems almost impossible, isn’t it? But you can surely get it. Yes, this is really true. And it’s the Caterham Superlight R400, which has made it possible for the car lovers. This car looks amazing and offers excellent mileage. So, it is fast becoming a favorite of automobile lovers from across the globe. And it is also known to be among the swiftest vehicles plying on the roads.

Morgan Three Wheeler

At just 550 kilograms, Morgan Three Wheelers seem right out of the fairy tale for the lovers of light cars. The model of the car is good enough to make it one of the most craved for vehicles in the world. And as the name suggests, this vehicle runs on just three wheels, quite unlike the other cars plying on the road. Morgan Three Wheeler is as close to the four-wheeled cars as it is to the motorbikes. And when it comes to speed, this vehicle can compete with almost any other car. It can also accelerate quite fast – from 0 to 62 mph in just about 4.5 seconds.

Smart Fortwo

How about owning a car that takes just half the space in the garage meant for any ordinary vehicle? Seems unbelievable, isn’t it? But you can own such a car without much hassle. You can go for Smart Fortwo, which is small in size, but great to ride. The vehicle, despite the light weight, is extremely hardy and can stand almost any accident in a resilient manner. In addition, being quite light at about 750 kgs and small as well, this car can attain extremely high speeds when it hits the roads.

When it comes to the modern world of automobiles, it’s the lighter vehicles that are expected to rule the roost. And these cars are likely to remain ahead in the race when the automobile lovers are going to choose the best vehicles for themselves.

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