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Cleaning of industrial equipment


In any industrial plant arises the need for cleaning the industrial equipment from the pollution, which is formed on its parts during the operation. Industrial equipment cleaning can be done in different ways, and each plant manager selects the best performance, labor-intensive and cost.

Options for mechanical treatment of industrial equipment

The pollution, which require a mandatory cleaning – are the remnants of the old grease, technology dust, the potential in the food industry soot, and more. The presence of these contaminants is often difficult to effectively operate the industrial equipment. Also cleaning of industrial equipment may be required for repairs, but in this case the added complexity of such as rust, corrosion, and remnants of the old coating – all this must be removed before the restoration carried out the protective coating layer.

The mechanical method is the classic version and can be performed manually or by using a dedicated power tools, greatly accelerating the process. The faster the cleaning will be performed, the faster the industrial equipment will be put into operation again, which means downtime for the enterprise will be reduced – as well as related costs.

A variety of mechanical treatment of industrial equipment can be regarded as sandblasting, which is carried out using suitable abrasive materials (like the name of the method, it is often used for sand). Using abrasive sandblasting is applied onto the surface by physically removing dirt of all kinds. It is often more convenient than machining, however, may damage the surface of the industrial equipment and leave on it a mass of scratches.

diesel exhaust filter

Modern chemical methods of cleaning of industrial equipment

Chemical industry offers the use of industrial cleaners to tidy components and parts to be cleaned. This detergent is universal, so is suitable for all surfaces, and most types of contamination. Oil pollution, soot and grime, grease and oil-dregs – all these can be easily removed, causing the cleaner on the right part, required to withstand the impact of time and rinse with warm water.
The advantages of modern compositions are not only in their effectiveness, but that they do not contain mercury, heavy metals, acids and other harmful impurities, and therefore can be used also in food industry. An additional advantage is the variety of applications: cleaning can be carried out both manually and using equipment of either low or high pressure.

It is also possible to prevent large quantity of dirt, using different exhaust filters. Substances that are contained in such filters reacted with the products, which contaminate the industrial equipment, thereby becoming much less pollution.

We hope that these tips will help you not only to perform the cleaning of the industrial equipment but also to prevent the large pollution of it with the help of different prevention methods.

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