How to Protect Cars from Theft


Most cars are stolen by amateurs who can be easily stopped. You can increase you protection against this type of crime by taking the precautions below.

Check to make sure that the car is locked. Most modern vehicles have a visual confirmation that the car is locked in the form of a flash on the indicators. Make sure you look at your car as you lock it to be sure that the indicators flash. If it does not work, it means that your car is not locked. If you are in any doubt, it does not hurt to double check the car to ensure it is locked. You need to get in the habit of pulling the door handle before you walk away.

Always park in the right place. You will feel nervous leaving your vehicle in a dodgy looking area but car theft also occurs in the nicest parts of town. When you park your car, do your best to find a place that is well lit. If you are parking on your driveway or in a car park, ensure that it is close to your home or another building that is occupied. When in a restaurant, park where there is a view of your vehicle from the inside. Even if you will not sit by a window, someone else might notice something unusual going on.

Hide your belongings. Some of the most obvious things that are left on display are wallets, phones, money and laptops. Other things such as coats and bags are all attractive to a thief despite the fact that they might not cost much. There is the possibility that it might conceal something else.

Never leave the car running and unattended. You might think that you will be away from the car for a short time that it is not worth turning off the engine. An opportunist thief will only need a few seconds to steal your car. The same thing applies when you are removing ice from the car during winter, there are thieves who will not even think twice about running your down as they jump into the drives seat and drive off. When your car is stolen while running like this, your insurance firm will not reimburse you.

Not only will you have gone through the stress of losing a car, but you will also not get a payout.

If you own a modern car, chances are that it comes with an alarm and an immobilizer. However, there are other ways that you can protect your investment. You can get steering wheel locks that fit over the steering wheel and hold in place so that someone cannot steer well. There are locks too which do the same thing for your pedals and gearstick.

If you have a little more money to spend, you can get a tracking device. You will pay upfront for the device to be installed in your car then a small annual subscription fee and in case your vehicle is stole, the police will be able to locate it.

It is also vital to consider upgrading the security of your parking space or drive. Get a small home CCTV system to help you catch anyone that tries to steal your car. If you do not have the finances for this system, you can opt for a cheaper motion activated security lamp which shines down on your driveway to put off thieves. One thing that deters thieves from committing a crime is operating in a place where they can be seen.

Some cars come with full security features most of which you might not use or even be aware of. Most new cars have systems that enable them to lock automatically as you pull away. By enabling the system, you will have protected your car from carjacking which is one of the scariest way of having your car stolen as you might end up losing your life in the process.

As seen above, those are some of the measures you can take to ensure that your car is not stolen. You should also be careful on the place you put your car keys since there are thieves who can get a copy of it.

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