5 best fuel efficient cars


The average Indian people are majorly driven by more frugal cars. Affordability and economical are two aspects that decide the popularity of car. Every average passenger car, whether powerful or not, is focused to put in as much efficiency as possible. In fact, one of the main reasons why diesel cars are being bulged on the roads is because they are believed to be more fuel efficient than the petrol counterpart.

However, the companies have started to be more concerned and more dedicated to get petrol cars to be as frugal as diesel ones. And thus, the narrowing of the gap between the two fuel option cars have really helped petrol cars to shoot back to the limelight.

The stats in the fuel efficiency section on paper are the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified figures and there is a lot of difference between such figures and the actual result. However, one can get a fair idea about how the cars may perform in reality.

Hence, to make things easier for you while choosing the most fuel efficient cars, we have brought to you a list of 5 cars that offer the best fuel efficiency in the market.

P.S. The list of cars are listed in order of their popularity and not on the descending order of their efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz SHVS


Maruti Suzuki had launched the Ciaz sedan back in 2015 after SX4 had failed to make a big impact on the market. Initially available in the regular petrol and diesel variants only, the company has now launched a new diesel hybrid variant, known as the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki).

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz SHVS (hybrid) comes with starter generator, start-stop technology and a larger capacity battery that powers the car to return with an impressive efficiency. The standard diesel variant of the Ciaz offers a mileage of around 26.21 kms per litre (ARAI-certified), while the newer Ciaz SHVS offers the best in class efficiency of around 28.09 kms per litre. With this figure, the sedan has become the most fuel efficient car in India.

Honda Amaze Diesel


The Honda Amaze diesel was once known as a king in efficiency as it was one of the few super utility subcompact sedan that turned out to be popular and efficient. Of late, with more and more cars pushing the efficiency limits further up, the Amaze seems to be cornered a little.

However, the diesel variant of Amaze still offers an impressive 25.8 kms per litre efficiency and given its popularity that still exists in the market, picking this car amongst all other would still be a great option.

Tata Tiago


The Tata Tiago hatchback is one of the newest baby in the block and has successfully taken on the bigger contenders with quite ease. There are two things about the Tiago that will amaze you any day – the affordability and the efficiency. With these two being the primary focus, Tata Motors seem to have ticked the correct boxes as far as the Indian automotive market is concerned.

The diesel variant of the Tata Tiago is priced at Rs. 3.20 lakhs exclusive showroom and offers a fuel efficiency of around 27.28 kms per litre. Now that is something really impressive.

Honda Jazz


The Honda Jazz has been a kind of a revival after it received a much needed update last year. Besides the medium tweaked exteriors, the mechanism too has seen considerable amount of changes.

Honda Jazz has been given the same engines (both petrol and diesel) that makes its way to the Amaze as well. In fact, the diesel engine is also same as the Honda City sedan. However, it’s the taller gear ratio from the of the 6-speed manual transmission that helps the Jazz hatchback to return with a more impressive mileage of 27.3 kms per litre (Arai certified).

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid


If there was ever a list of mini cars that could hit the perfect chords for the Indian segment, Renault Kwid would definitely make it to the top half of that list. The unique SUV-ish design (its undoubted USP) and the imposingly affordable price tag are something that kept the sales clock ticking higher and higher.

But what is least talked about feature in the Kwid mini hatch is the impressive efficiency. In fact, the car is one of the few in the market that offers good mileage even with a petrol engine. The petrol engine of the Renault Kwid comes with quite a staggering mileage of 25.17 kms per litres according the ARAI.


With a large variety of fuel efficient cars making way to the roads, the Indian car market is definitely heading to the right direction. But what comes along with this is the sweet pain of choosing a good one from a large gallery.

What you need to keep in mind before you make any smart purchase, you need to consider the popularity, reliability, affordability as well as the efficiency. For this very reason, the above mentioned cars tick all of the four boxes.

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