Top Five Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana


Driving can be dangerous enough as it is. Get on a motorcycle, removed from the protective walls of a car or truck, and it becomes even more dangerous. The main reason is that your body and head are more exposed to the objects and surfaces out there on the road in the case of an accident. It is also more dangerous because a bike is two-wheeled vehicle, and therefore has less stability than its bigger, four-wheeled counterparts.

Helmets and other protective gear are a must, but the best policy is to never get in an accident in the first place and keep the safety equipment as the backup plan. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents to lead you on the path to an accident-free motorcycle driving record.

  1. Over-correcting

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is over-correcting or even correcting in a turn without straightening the wheels. This all goes back to the instability of a two-wheeled vehicle. When a dog runs into the road or a car almost hits you, you can usually avoid it, due to the small nature of your road machine, by keeping your cool, straightening out, and calmly steering around the obstacle. Many inexperience riders, however, act instinctively and try to dodge too fast, sending the bike out of control or toppling over.

  1. Following Too Closely

While it seems counter-intuitive, a motorcycle needs more stopping distance than a vehicle. Larger vehicles usually need more stopping distance than smaller vehicles because of added weight and mass, but because of the way motorcycles are built, stopping too fast with both brakes often ends with the bike breaking into a slide, causing the rider to crash. For this reason, give yourself more distance when following behind cars, and pay attention to much of the road ahead. If something happens, try driving off the road and around the obstacle while coming to a slow stop. The risks and accidents tagged along in a motorbike is never a joke. You will find many people who’ve got into contact with the risks and accidents tagged along in a motorbike is never a joke. You will find many people who’ve had a personal injury will contact Fountain Law Firm to assist them with the legal end of accidents and injuries.

  1. Not Being Seen

Because of the small size of motorcycles, they are often invisible to the drivers of bigger vehicles. A rider can easily disappear into a blind spot, and they may often be missed by a driver turning out onto the road.

This means that it’s your responsibility to see everyone before they see you. Drive extra defensive, give other vehicles a wide berth, and make your presence known by driving in the middle of the road. Avoid the temptation to hug the curb because it only invites other, more aggressive drivers to pass you in your lane, making you even less visible to those behind them.

  1. Drunk Driving

Believe it or not, many riders even drive drunk, regardless of all the increased dangers when on a bike. This is alarming not only because of your increased vulnerability but because experts show that driving ability on a motorcycle is severely affected with even just one drink, due to the balance and coordination required.

Even in cars, you should never drive after a drink, but if you can’t control the urge on a motorcycle, you probably should not be driving one at all. Motorcycles can be dangerous, but they don’t have to be. It just takes a little more awareness and development of skills on your part. And lots of ultra-defensive driving. If you minimize the risks, the thrill of the ride is worth all the extra effort.


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