EV Cannonball Record Coast to Coast Broken


The EV “least charging time” coast to coast world record has been unofficially broken. On Thursday April 16th at 11:14pm PST. A team of three drivers: Rod Hawk, Deena Mastracci and Carl Reese drove from Los Angeles to New York City. Landing at New York City Hall at 1:36pm EST. Total elapse drive and charge time of 58 hours 55 minutes.

A team of three timekeepers: Anthony Alvarado, Matt Nordenstrom and Johnnie Oberg Jr.

GPS Insight provided third party auditing equipment.

Two records were smashed

1. Coast to coast fastest time in an EV of 58 hours and 55 minutes and 25 seconds. Is now the current record held by Rod Hawk, Deena Mastracci and Carl Reese as of April 19th 2015. They have broken the the unofficially time set by edumonds.com on July 16, 2014.

2. The “Least amount of Non-drive time of 12 hour, 48 minutes, and 19 seconds. AKA total charge time coast to coast.
Carl and Deena used their own person vehicle of the record setting event. Sponsor included: GPS Insight , Inspectmobile.com of Santa Clarita, CA ,ChalkoLot.com of Santa Clarita, CA TeslaGrilles.com, Signs by Tomorrow of Santa Clarita, and Might Fine Detailing of Los Angeles.

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