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The essence of car care


Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t own a car? Owning a vehicle has become so common that it’s so hard to imagine that once having a car was considered luxury.

Still owning a car can have its expenses. Whether it’s gas prices, repair costs and registration people spare significant amount of money for their driving comfort. Regular car maintenance can seriously reduce the amount of funds spent on your auto.

The habitual car maintenance increases your fuel efficiency and most importantly reduces the risk of having a car accident while driving. Some signs that your car demands maintenance are: weird noises, oil leakage, unusual sensations while pushing the gas and brake pedals, an unusual decrease in fuel mileage, offbeat smells and other signs that are more sneaky and difficult to observe. Your manufactures’ guide has all the fundamental information about your car’s service and the recommended maintenance time. The most common time for routine check-up is either within a six-month period or a year, depends on the brand.

car care

Below in the article you will find out which are the best maintenance tips:

As a car owner and a responsible driver you should always be aware of the condition of your car. Take some time, once a month to do your own car check. This way you will get to know your car and you will notice if there’s something wrong more quickly. Research how your driving habits and the climate in your area influence your car’s performance and try your best to reduce the damage that these circumstances may cause. For instance driving in regions with higher temperature will likely cause the need for a more frequent oil or tire change, than the one your manufacture recommends.

Your tires and your brakes are the parts that need constant check. Even if your car functions properly, having a flat tire would make your car undriveable and spend your time. Underinflated tires are wasteful for your gas budget, so always make sure they’re accurately inflated. Buy a gauge in order to simplify the process.

Check your brake pressure and if you feel that something is off, or start hearing weird noises when braking take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Brakes are vital for your safety and proper functioning brakes might save your and someone else’s lives.

Check the fluid levels in your car. It’s a pretty simple tasks, just use the dipstick that comes with the motor oil. If you’re not able to do this on your own leave the job to a car service to do the regular car service check-up. Other car fluids are the radiator coolant and the battery fluid. Check their levels and condition in order to avoid more serious damage caused by overheating or freezing.

Taking care of your own car is not as hard and exhausting as it may seem. After you get into the routine you’ll notice how your car performance improves, your gas mileage rises and all the costs revolving around your car star slowly decreasing. In the long term you will save a lot of money and enjoy a lasting and loving relationship with your four wheeled friend.

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