10 Fabulous Facts About Driving


If you can drive, you’ve taken an important step in life. It’s almost like a rite of passage you must go through. Being able to drive opens up so many opportunities for you. You’ll experience a new found freedom and independence that you might have been unfamiliar with. You can go anywhere and do anything. And you’ll find your career and education prospects are enhanced by your ability to drive.

But there might be quite a few factors that you’ve not thought about when it comes to driving. Here are ten fabulous facts about driving that may not even have occurred to you before.


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  1. New Isn’t Always Better

You need to remember that, as with everything, newer isn’t always better. Buying a new car may not always be the right option for you. In fact, many times it might be the exact wrong option. You can pick up used cars for much less than new ones. And a lot of the time you’ll find the quality of the used cars is almost on a par with a new model. Also, judging by the selection on offer at rrg-group.com you shouldn’t have any problems finding one. Make sure you hunt around, and you’ll find the used car market is vast, sprawling and full of choices.

  1. Your Car Says A Lot About You

It pays to remember that people can tell a lot about you from the sort of car you drive. While they may not always be accurate, they’ll certainly form an impression of you from the car you have. Keep this in mind when you’re getting yours. A clapped out, rust and dirt covered banger may give the impression you’re lazy and don’t take pride in things. A vintage Jaguar might give the impression that you’re confident and flashy. This doesn’t mean you have to get a luxury car, but it does mean you should look after whatever car you do get.

  1. You Should Get Regular Maintenance Checks

When you’re a driver, one of the main things you’ll want to think about is the fact that your car requires regular upkeep. Car’s can be expensive and temperamental so you need to get regular service checks. This will ensure that your car runs as well as it can as often as it can. It also means you’ll catch any major problems at an early point before they develop into something more serious.

  1. Electric Could Be the Future

The future of automotive travel could well be found in electric cars. These are eco-friendly electric powered vehicles that are currently on the market. Electric cars are still in the early years of development, but they look set to be the future of cars. Because they don’t rely on fuel to run they’re cheaper and more efficient to own than regular cars. In twenty years or so we may see a time where petrol cars are a thing of the past, and electric cars become normal.

  1. You Car Needs Extra Protection in Winter

You need to remember that in the winter your car will need more protection than at other times of the year. The cold, wet and ice can play havoc with the inner workings of your car not to mention the bodywork. If you can keep your car undercover, like in a garage or something, then you should do that. You can also get protective covers to put over your car to shield it from the elements. You want to be sure you warm the car up each day for around ten minutes before driving away. This warms up the battery and the engine and ensures they don’t give up mid-journey.

  1. You Should Always Shop Around For Insurance

When it comes to getting car insurance, it’s often a dreaded time for a lot of drivers. We all hate the process of getting insurance and if there was a way to skip it many of us would. But it’s an important stage and must be done. It will be tempting to take the first offer of an insurance premium you get. Don’t do this. It’s almost certain this will not be the best offer for you. Don’t be afraid to take the time to shop around for insurance policies. If you visit somewhere like Money Supermarket, you can compare and contrast insurance premiums to find the best one for you.

  1. It’s A Good Idea to Keep a Stash of Spare Parts

It’s a good idea to keep a stockpile of spare parts for your car in the event of an emergency. If you learn a little of the basics about your vehicle you should learn about how to change certain parts. This will save you a trip to the service garage, will save you money and help you learn a bit about your car. You can buy spare parts inexpensively online from numerous sites. Try to keep as many different spare parts as you can to save yourself time and money.

  1. Research Before You Buy

One of the things you need to make sure you don’t forget is to research before you buy your car. This is a factor so many people don’t think to do, and it ends up costing them. You’ll want to know as much as you can about the car you’re going to buy, or you want to buy. Read customer reviews to find out if there are any complaints about the car. Do any of the same problems keep cropping up? Speak to friends or colleagues who have similar models of car and find out how they got on with them. After all this research, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which car you should buy.

  1. Having a Car is More Than Just a Luxury

You need to remember that having a car is not a luxury. It is, in fact, an important tool for daily life. It gets you to work to earn a living. It gets you to the shops to buy food. Most important of all, it’s invaluable in an emergency. If you need to get yourself or someone else to the doctors or hospital quickly, a car is a necessity. You might live quite a distance from the hospital, and public transport may not be efficient. Having a car gives you the ability to be able to do just that.

        10. There Are a Lot of Ways to Sell Your Car

One thing you might not have considered is that there are a lot of different ways you can sell your car. Much like buying a car, selling a car is a process, and there are a lot of options available to you. You could sell direct to somebody by advertising in your local area. You could even sell to a friend or family member. You might want to sell to a dealership, this way you’ll have the option to part exchange for another car. Or you can sell online through any number of sources.

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