Better Biking with These Safety Tips


A motorbike is a dangerous machine in the wrong hands and a delight in well trained ones. Being safe on a bike is an imperative and these tips will help you do just that.


Make Sure a Helmet Is Worn

A quick way to fail your motorbike test is to not wear the proper safety equipment. The start of this equipment is going to be a helmet. If you do not wear a helmet, which is required in most areas, you will have a higher chance of failure and a guaranteed failure if it is part of the law in your region. Not only will the helmet prove to the tester you are serious about safety, but it helps protect your head from serious injury as well.

Gloves Are Invaluable

Nothing hurts your hands worse than getting hit by a bug, even without a stinger, when you are going fifty or sixty miles an hour. However, if you have gloves on, you will find the bugs are going to hit your hands and you will not even notice them – invest in a pair. This in turn will prevent your hands from stinging, but also allow you to maintain control of the bike better because your hands are not hurting.

Look Ahead For Your Curves

Driving a car this is a principle you do, but when you are on a motorbike it is an often forgotten principle. However, you need to look ahead of you at all times and make sure the road conditions are not changing and that nothing is coming out in front of you. When you can look ahead, you will lower the chance of wrecking, but also be prepared for any type of emergency should something happen.

Use the Rear Brake First

This may sound like it is very simple, but after a chat with it seems a huge number of people use their front brake first. When you use the front brake first, you will have that brake grabbing at the wheel to slow you down, but the rear wheel is still pushing you along. When this happens, it is nearly impossible for you to control the bike and can easily wreck because of the way the brakes are balanced.

Slow Down For Curves or Turns

Curves or turns in general are some of the most dangerous aspects when you are riding a motorbike. A lot of people for some reason, believe they are like the motorbike racer they watched on television the day before. Not only is this almost always not true, it is very dangerous to believe this. So you need to make sure you are slowing down for any of the curves you are going into. Once you are at the midpoint of the curve, you can start to power out of the curve.

Use Caution at All Times

Even if you are riding among a group of your friends, you need to make sure you are cautious. This is because so many people ignore motorcycles. So you need to make sure you are constantly on the lookout of the vehicles around you and how they are behaving.

Taking your motorbike test can be exciting, but a failure on the test is very upsetting. By knowing some of the safety tips to follow, when you take your exam, you will have a higher chance of passing. Then you can start to get the license you want so you can ride with your friends.

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