Motorcycle riding street safety


As a motorcycle rider in the city most of the time you will find yourself in a heavy traffic.  All types of vehicles around you, crowding you and cutting you off. Those moments you are speeding while reading the street signs while at the same time being keen on traffic light and guessing what the pedestrian will do.  It is evident that riding in a congested city is a nightmare, more so to newcomers. You can buy a new car.  A rider has to deal with many things while on the move, no wonder some give in to this pressure and crash.  For one to be successful it requires one to process many events and reacting correctly to each. Doing it wrong puts your life in danger and other road users.  Here are some proven strategies to help you have smooth rides in traffic-choked streets.

Watch driver’s heads and mirrors

By watching the drivers head movements through theirs windows and side mirrors you can be able to anticipate any sudden moves.  Most drivers look on the direction they intend to take before they make the move. Some forget to show with car indicators. Hire a car today and enjoy your ride outside the city.

Avoid to get between a vehicle and an off-ramp.

This sounds too simple but as a rider one should be very cautious about this. Those drivers that decide to take an exit in the last minute have injured many riders. When you get between crossroads and exits always keep a safe distance to avoid those unexpected or late turns.

Cover your brakes

While in the city you should be ready to react quickly, you have no time to fumble when you need to stop. Always keep a finger or two in the brake lever, when a pedestrian or a car cuts in front you can stop instantly.

Be noticed

It is important to make sure other riders, divers and pedestrian can see you even from a distance.  During the day ride with high beam, and switch off when on hold behind someone in at a light. Always wear brightly colored gear, anyway that is the law in almost all cities.

Be ready with the power

While in traffic, be on a lower gear than you normally would so that your bike is ready to jump forward fast on call.  This gives you a chance to be ahead of everyone, rather than having to apply some brakes while following the leader, the loud roar also helps in notifying your presence.

In a slowing traffic stay on the left/right

Once the traffic slows down suddenly stay on the left or on the right of the car in front. This gives you an escape route if needed. This also help you from being hit by the car behind you. Always be ready to take action if you have a clear path.

Practice the scan.

Be aware of your environment by constantly scanning your environment while on the move.  Use your mirrors to look behind, check sideways for any moving objects and road ahead for any bind spots. This gives you the knowledge of your environment therefore you react appropriately.



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