SEO for Car Dealers: A Few Tips Explored


Much as most of the SEO agencies would have you believe, let us tell you automotive SEO is not solely about updating your web pages by adding a paragraph or two at the end of the web page. Automotive SEO is a way more serious proposition than that and is best handled by those who have the enviable experience of serving the automotive companies with quality leads and eventual conversions. And, leads and conversions are way more than “just” updating your site.

 How will you optimize your site for better search engine visibility? We will offer a rundown of a few ways with the help of which you can actually do it. Read on to discover.

Do your research right

A credentialed SEO agency will draw up a comprehensive SEO plan only after looking up the stats. The latest reports show that about 33 percent of web traffic is generated by the first page of the search result, 18% from the second page and about 11% from the third page. So, you can well imagine why it is important for you to make it to the first page of the search results itself. At the onset, your SEO agency can lay the foundation for improved search engine ranking by taking the following steps:

  • Modifying URLs
  • Changing page titles
  • Creating meta data and page descriptions

Focus on local keywords

Let us tell you that as a car dealer you have to focus on your local customers. In order to attract the attention of the local population, you should be prudent enough to concentrate on “local keywords” that of course, differ from general keywords targeted for the global population. For instance, if you are selling cars in Seattle then make sure that you are concentrating on keywords like “Chevrolet in Seattle” or for that matter “Hondas in Seattle” and the like.

Harness online engagement to bolster reputation

Let us tell you that Car Dealer SEO is a lot about building your reputation online. If you’re shying away from reviews then you will actually end up languishing at the bottom of your potential customers’ priority list. You should be duly proactive about asking your users to rate you in terms of the quality of the cars sold by you, quality of the services provided by you and to evaluate your commitment towards serving them in its entirety. Ask your customers to rate their experience of buying from you. Respond to positive and negative reviews. Negative reviews- especially deserve special mention. Do not let complaints lie unanswered. If you aren’t ready to respond to customer complaints then they will not be willing to forge stronger commercial relations in future as well. Their negative comments might turn your prospective clients away from you as well!

Concentrate on the tools used by the SEO agency

Once again, qualified SEO analysts do make use of highly refined software tools to ensure “hot leads” for clients. Talk about converting your website into a virtual lead-generating machine, and the SEO company will ensure that you’re able to capture the contact information of clients who are looking for pre-approved car financing. You can schedule a test drive on pre-approved vehicles.

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