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Art comes in various forms. There are different ways to express beauty or a particular emotion and there are definitely connoisseurs out there with a fine taste willing to go the long way in order to acquire a piece, sometimes the only piece, of an artwork. While paintings are sculptures are the prime of art business, car collectors are not far behind, with an industry totaling over 1 billion dollars just in the US.

Purpose of the article

With such a high spread of collectible, classic and exotic car enthusiasts, there is extensive knowledge available regarding this particular business. Ranging from specialty articles on highly regarded websites and catalogs, to basic blog posts, guides and tips are offered by people around the globe.

The main point in this so-called “early bloom” business regards the material values involved in acquiring, maintaining and eventually auctioning cars of this particular segment. High money and high risks are involved as most know, so attaining the right knowledge builds the proper foundation for a prosper and successful business in classic and collector automobile business.

There is one highly important issue needing to be addressed, though making it the main subject of this article. With such high amounts of information available on the collectors car segment, no filtering mechanism has been set in motion to divide it into real facts and wrong, maybe purposely altered ideas. Even publications appearing to be professional and trustworthy may be proven to be unreliable, as it will be discussed in the following lines.

An exhaustive analysis will be applied on the book “Bizzarrini – Le mie vetture la mia vita”. Written by self-proclaimed Bizzarrini expert Koobs de Hartog Jack, the title translates as “Bizzarrini, my car my life”. Purposed to provide a complete catalog of collector cars under the name Bizzarrini, the book at hand features multiple errors under the shape of false and contradictory information.

Error analysis and argumentation

In the following paragraphs, a list of erroneous data from the book will be revealed and the reasoning of why the data is considered wrong will be provided.

First of all, page 15 of the book in subject names item B*0210 as being a replica. If the case is true, the 2000 ISO Grifo A3/C should not have been placed in the book. There is no viable argument for why it has been however mentioned by the author.

Moving on through the book, page 18 reveals another clear misplacement regarding item B*0214. Since experts have cataloged the 2006 Iso Grifo A3/C as a recreation, there was no valid reason for why the author had placed the car in the book. Only factory models proven to be built in the life period of a classic or collectible car should be allowed a position in a catalog.

Page 26 of the book feature an unpardonable flaw, as the description of item B*0230 suggests the 1965 Bizzarrini Grifo 5300 it has been sold as new in two different countries. Since this is not possible both legally and logically, either of the data should not be taken in consideration.

Another unsustainable statement is to be found on page 46 of the book, mentioning the same chassis number on two distinct cars. On this note, the author states the chassis number 0283 from IA3*0283 was also stamped with B*0216. This statement cannot be verified and neither was proven by the author with viable data.

Flipping just two pages and getting to page 48 of this book provides a clear contradiction between the purpose of the book and the information provided. The author claims that the IA3*0289 item was built in 2006. If that is the case, the item is a replica and should not have been placed in the book in the first place.

Further on page 64 of the book, item IA3*0323 (Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300) is considered by the author to be using registration documents from item IA3*0322. The author most likely assumed the statement as there is no proof of such activity. The reason behind such a statement is not clear but may influence the value of the car in subject although it is only speculation.

An obvious conflict between the author and restorator Diamante can be easily figured out based on the information provided on page 60, regarding item IA3*0314. The author adds unsustainable negative information regarding 1968 Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300 cars restorated by Diamante.

Yet another replica has been added to this book without a clear reasoning. It can be found on page 61, item IA3*0315. It is definitely stated that the car is a replica but no reasoning behind its posting in the book is provided nor commentated by the author.


As it has been proven in the above paragraphs, there are definitely a large number of errors in the “Bizzarrini – Le mie vetture la mia vita”. As seen, some information might have been altered on purpose by the author due to conflicts with third parties, while other data simply doesn’t match expertise from other specialists. As consequence, many car experts and owners are disputing the information found in the book at hand and requesting the author to take on needed measures.

Such an example is represented by owner De Sibenthal who had claimed wrong information on his  Iso Grifo 1964 A3 / C frame #B*0205 found at page 12 in the book. Mister Olivier De Sibenthal directed a letter towards the author asking for revision.

Finally, a scandal involving the chassis IA3*0324 featured on page 65 started as, although the author of the book stated the 324 number, the owner of the car argued the 318 position. However, it was proven in the end that neither of the values were actually accurate.

In the end of this article, the hope is that the user has made a clear picture about the importance of valid and truthful information when it comes to classic, collectors and exotic car business. Upon finishing the review analysis on Jack Koobs de Hartog’s book and listing results, it can be stated that some self-proclaimed experts are prone to making mistakes, and sometimes on purpose. Increased care and prolonged research is definitely required in this automotive segment.

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