Top 3 LSVs from Star


Nowadays, you do not have to play golf in order to have a golf car because golf carts are now considered a low speed vehicle! You do not have to own a car to get around the state of New Jersey in style. Manufacturers have been releasing new models of their golf cars year after year and I will give you a breakdown on what could be your next hot buy for this coming season but before all that let me give you a recap of what the laws are in New Jersey for you to have a golf car registered as your low speed vehicle.

According to the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, a low speed vehicle (LSV) “must be titled, registered, and insured in New Jersey” but LSVs are not subject to regular inspections. Your LSV can also be exempted from State sales tax if they are certified by the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Of course, low speed vehicles cannot go on the freeway but most of the roadways have speeds lower than 25mph. Since you are still a registered vehicle, all laws like child restraints, obtaining and having your driver’s license all the time, having to meet Federal and State requirements, et cetera are still applicable to golf cars as much as they are applicable to a Mustang and every other registered vehicle.

Golf Cars Unlimited, Co. offers golf cars from one of the biggest manufacturers of LSVs.  I know that they are all pretty neat that is why I will give you the top 3 vehicles from STAR.  According to research, STAR’s new Magellan series has been their top notchers as of 2017 and this is why:


Unlike STAR’s previous models, the Magellan series has a four-wheel hydraulic disc with electric-mechanical parking brake which means great and more convenient brake controls. Having 800lbs. as its passenger capacity, we are very sure that this golf car is one of their very best yet.


This six-seater golf cart has a 25mph speed for its Low Speed Vehicle option. It could carry up to a ton while going at 25mph, come on!


The Magellan 2 – AC emphasizes the power of their car because it can go for 60 miles in just a single charge.  This little bad boy is the true definition of small but terrible.

All the Magellan series has 10-inches aluminium wheels and all of them are also equipped with an alternating current (AC) motor.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pick out of the litter and stroll through life like a retiree with a lifetime membership in a five-star resort that has a golf course.

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