Best Ways to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Best Ways to Clean the Interior of Your Car


Most people like spending a considerable amount of time in their cars. If you are one of those car owners who live in their car and, particularly those with children, you probably know how soiled your vehicle can be. Here we have discussed the best ways to clean common automotive fabrics & stains.

Interior cleaning task can get considerably heavy on your wallet when rushed. Fixing all that upholstery, trim, and carpet can equate the expenses of an engine rebuild. Hence, car parts stores are stacked with products ensuring to bring new-car look back to your dirty cabin in a very reasonable way. And so, with a low budget, you can get a clean-from-inside car.

Best Ways to Clean the Interior of Your Car

1.   Keep Seats Covered

Leather demands cleaning before they can be conditioned. Keep you leather seats cleaned using a damp towel or an off-the-counter leather cleaner. Make sure that cleaner is not harsh on the leather surface to prevent you seats from being damaged in the end. Even if your seats look like they tried to start a fight between two rabid wolverines, far gone for any leather spray for rescue. It’s time to change the seat covers. You can have different options online.

2.   Shine The Trim

If you are not very fond of using weird and wonderful hacks, plenty of off-the-shelf products are there that are specifically designed to fix black plastic trims. They will rejuvenate black plastic trim pieces to the early look while providing a protective layer. And, they won’t damage paintwork in case of any overflow.

If you are looking for a long-term or permanent solution and have considerable amount of time on your hands, you can respray the whole trim. It is quite easier if you can take out the trim piece in question.

3.   Clean The Rugs

Remove your floor mats and shake them well so no dirt and trash could reach your vehicle. Vacuum your vehicle exhaustively. Reach under the seats, pedals and crevices around the car in order to catch and remove all remaining dirt, trash and crumbs from your car’s floor. If you leave excessive amount of trash in your car when washing the carpet, you won’t be cleaning all that much. Even laundry detergent can do the trick quite well. Try to find a soft-bristled brush that can help you work the shampoo in carpet’s fabric.

4.   De-Funk Everything

The car’s interior is cleaned and the seats look presentable, only thing left here the aromatherapy.  Using a spray bottle of an odor neutralizer, kickoff with opening your car’s hood in a well-ventilated location. Start your car’s engine and set parking brake. Now, place the AC and fan on full. Go to your car’s front fender side and check the engine compartment.

Check the AC/heater “Air Intake”, at times known as the cowl vent. Different cars use different air inlet vent configurations but all are located just below the windshield’s bottom edge, normally on the passenger side, & all have some kind of screen, grid or louvers that covers the intake. Generously spray the deodorizer straight into the intake screen. Now, get back in your car to smell and determine if the deodorizer circulates through the AC system.

You can also use these tips when preparing your car for a Japanese car auction house to make sure your car gets great attention by the bidders.

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