Renting A Minibus

Renting A Minibus


A minibus is classified as a vehicle that carries between 9 and 16 passengers, which means that they can vary considerably in size, and it also means that they can be useful for taking the family on holiday, for taking groups on a day out, and they can even be useful as a means of transporting entire classes and teams. It is possible to rent a minibus even for commercial use, charging passengers in order to make a profit, although this does require that you have the appropriate permit and licence, and that you have insurance to cover you for this type of use.

Regardless of whether you are renting for personal or business use, however, it is essential that you choose one that offers the right amount of space for passengers and also for any equipment, accessories, and luggage that you might need to carry with you. You should also check that the rental terms meet your requirements, for example in terms of the mileage you’re allowed to cover and whether you’re permitted to take the minibus on European roads or not.

Size is important when renting a minibus, or any vehicle for that matter. A standard class B licence permits you to drive any vehicle that weighs up to 3.5 tonnes and that carries up to 16 passengers. Bear in mind that many models advertise the total number of people that it will carry including the driver, and if this is the case then you are permitted to drive a 17 seat minibus, but you should check that this is the case when renting. If you are found to be driving a vehicle too large, you can be fined, receive penalty points on your licence, and you could even be disqualified.

Renting A Minibus

Smaller minibuses are roughly the same size as large MPVs, while the larger models include converted Transit vans, giving you a better idea of the size of vehicle that you are going to be driving. Modern minibuses are very similar, in how they drive, to cars. They have power steering and the same style of gearbox as cars, although their size does mean that you may have to make some adjustments to the way you drive.

Obviously, the size of the minibus plays a big part in the different driving requirements for a minibus when compared to a car. Blind spots are bigger, handling is different, and in a lot of instances, you will have to be a lot more reliant on your wing mirrors as a pose to your internal mirror. Many models, especially the large Transit style buses, do not have internal mirrors, so you may also need to get out to check when reversing in a parking space.

Minibuses are more spacious and offer greater room to transport more people and even accessories. They can be used for everything from family holidays or as a short-term replacement for an existing minibus in need of repair. Ensure that you choose a size that is appropriate for your needs and your driving, and that you have the appropriate licence and permit if you are booking the hire for commercial use.

Whether you require minibus rental for personal or commercial use, Nationwide Hire UK has a fleet of high quality minibuses that are ideal for your needs. Customise the rental agreement to your requirements and enjoy access to competitive prices.

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