Pack Properly To Make Moving Easier When Hiring A Van


While traveling and moving to a new place is very fun, one thing that usually is not, is packing. However, while you are renting a van to make packing as easier and as suitable for yourself as it possibly is, we are going to cover a couple of tips and tricks that will help you pack better in order to use your renting hours more efficiently.

Where to rent?

These days, there are quite a lot of places that you can rent at, and it is suggested that you go for a van hire Brisbane with Go With The Gecko or a similar local provider if you are looking for a good deal. If you happen to be renting from a local provider that you haven’t rented from before, it is important to check their customer feedback in case they are using some shady tricks to make you pay for hidden fees.

Make a list

Before you actually start packing, it is very important that you make some kind of a packing list. While it might be obvious what to pack when you are moving all of your things, in case you are not, having a list is very helpful. In cases where you are taking all of your items, having a list that covers all of your bigger items first is also a pretty good idea.

Making a list and organizing those items is important

Rolling over folding

The biggest number of items that everyone owns are usually clothes, and while they might not look like they take a lot of space, you will be surprised how much space they actually take when you cannot keep them in a closet while you are moving.

The best way to conserve space and also pack clothes faster is not to fold them nicely, but roll them in a little bun instead. This technique is not only great for packing things into the van, but it is also perfect if you are going on a short trip where you are packing clothes in a bag.

Big items go first!

While this might seem quite obvious, it is very important that you fill the van with your bigger items before you put anything else, because you can always put smaller items within those big items, or at least on top of them if putting items inside of them is not a valid option.

If you are considering to hire a van in Australia between two cities, then you can van hire Sydney to Melbourne from Go With The Gecko or a different local company that fits your area, and when moving bigger items like furniture, it is always the safest option to go for the biggest van available, even if it might seem a bit oversized at first.

When moving into a new home, it is always better to rent a van that can easily carry all of your items in one go than to go for multiple back and forth trip that will waste not only your time, but also cost you more due to the rental hours on the van.

Big vans can easily carry all of your items

Final Word

Renting a can and packing it properly is one of the best ways to deal with moving into a new apartment, house, or studio, and you will certainly feel more comfortable when you are loading the items into the van yourself, and when you have full control over them while they are being transported to a new location.

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