How to Choose the Right Roof Box for your Vehicle


Isn’t it a most common scenario, that we have more occupants in the car and don’t have enough space to stuff small items that we won’t need to access every time? What we have done so far is keeping our suitcases on the roof carrier, letting it rot in the sun or sometimes get drenched in the sudden rain. To avoid that, we have spread ugly plastic sheets covering the roof, and all that was simply messy. Now that car roof boxes are available in the shops, we couldn’t be happier to get one on our car roof. But if you have not got one yet, check out the following ways to choose the perfect roof box for your car.

Why the Roof Box Use is Rare

As revealed by the Decatur GMC dealer, the truth behind the mostly unheard existence of the car roof box, is because of the expensive price, that not many are ready to invest in. This is because in majority of the time, people do not require an extra space. They feel it is an unnecessary expense, which won’t pay back much. but people who venture out quite often on road would definitely find it useful and worth investing. Commercial vehicles or cabs that are booked for family outings can invest in one, to make the journey more comfortable while people would definitely appreciate the professional approach.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Roof Box

To get the right roof box for your car, consider the following aspects:


Roof boxes come in different sizes. Depending upon the car you have, you need to look for the appropriate size of the box that would fit into the roof space perfectly. One needs to take careful measurements of the car roof space and check the manufacturers who specialize in the vehicle brand you have.  Now depending solely on the purpose of the box, like what you are going to store there, would be the next question before choosing the box size that can physically create double the capacity of space that a reasonably sized car would have.

The Opening:

Not all the boxes open at the same direction. While some can be opened from both the sides whilst others cannot. This is important for accessing the box especially on road sides or in some awkward place.

Quality and Safety:

As explained by the Decatur Buick dealer, the roof box would be always in the open. It would carry essentials, if not valuables. Thus, undoubtedly it needs to be secure enough. While choosing one, do not forget to check the quality of its body material, its lock and keys and especially the mechanisms.


Even though you are already making a good amount of investment in installing a roof box on your car, it won’t pay you back unless it ensures quality. As this trend is yet to pick up, right now the good ones would be somewhat pricey. But to enjoy the fruits of using one, try to buy the best quality one, that falls well within your budget.

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