Honda car parts

The Benefits Of Buying Genuine Replacement Car Parts


When it comes to carrying out work on the car, many still prefer to do as wide a range of jobs as possible themselves. Whilst it has become increasingly difficult to carry out some tasks due to the fact that engines now run from their own computers and as such need to be programmed from these, there’s still a wide range of jobs which can be done ranging from replacing brake pads and brake discs through to batteries, clutches and much more. The trap which many car owners fall into, however, is buying cheap replacement parts from the likes of eBay, later regretting it. As such, we wanted to take  a look at the benefits of buying genuine parts and in order to do so, have teamed up with Honda car parts dealer, Cox Motor Parts, to find out more.

First things first, it’s important to understand that only genuine car parts are manufactured to the original specification and, as such, are the only ones guaranteed to maintain both the quality and performance of your vehicle. Genuine parts offer reliability, performance and quality, ensuring your car runs as it was intended to; in many cases for a cost not much different to that of alternative parts.

Honda car parts

The question which you must ask yourself is why would you replace say the brake discs on your vehicle with anything other than what was originally intended? You essentially put your life in the hands of your cars braking system and, as such, surely it makes sense to use that which is guaranteed to offer optimal performance at all times? Whilst you might save a few quid buying parts from eBay, is the risk one really worth taking? Whilst all parts must meet certain standards, they’re still not manufactured to the exact original specification and, as such, don’t come as recommended. As they say, you get what you pay for and that’s certainly the case when it comes to car parts.

By taking the decision to purchase only genuine car parts, you are ultimately putting both safety and reliability above all else and are ultimately helping to ensure your car runs like new and keeps out of the garage. Whether it’s brakes, a clutch, filters or other replacement parts, once you understand the reasons to justify buying only genuine parts, you’ll see why there really isn’t any other option.

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