Reliable Car Tyres

Reliable Car Tyres: A Companion for Hitting the Road


A car tyre is the only medium which keeps us separate from the car and the road. So safety is a big parameter in deciding to choose between car tyres. Tyres are thus constructed with a combination of more than 200 raw materials under strict supervision and perfect quality control to ensure safety and security for people traveling in the car.

Reliable Car Tyres

What are tyres made of?

As discussed above the making of a car tyre involves a combination of more than 200 materials. However, the different layers of a tyre come in different material combinations.

The tire consists of a bottom layer entirely of synthetic rubber. There is also an abrasion resistant rubber rim strip. There are wires made of steel beads which hold the tyre onto the rim. They can intensely absorb a load of 1800kg. There is also a rubber sidewall profile which helps in absorbing shocks while traveling on the road.

The outer layer consists of a layer of bracing piles. They are made from polyester and are cased within rubber structures. They give the radial structure or outline to the tyre. There is also a layer known as casing ply made from textile fibre cords.

These are in brief the elements of a typical car tyre. However, materials used in the construction of tyres having different purposes may vary. Racing tyres are composed of another rigorous material which can withstand the temperature and pressure large enough to be used in the speed range of that car. The wear and tear capabilities of racing tyres also differ from those of the normal car tyres.

About Tyre Pressure

The air pressure ranging in tyres plays a vital part in their functioning. The tyre pressure must be optimum to ensure the longevity and better performance of the tyre. The optimum pressure value in tyres helps to save cost because it can provide the car with a better mileage. The emission of greenhouse gases are also controlled if perfect and optimum tyre pressure is used. For a comfortable journey, the tyre pressure often needs to be kept at the optimum levels.

Tyre Laws in Different Countries

The tyres in UK also fall under the compliance issues of certain rules and regulations. The UK law commands that the car is fitted with the right size and tyre. The type of tyre must match the type of vehicle and the purpose being served with the vehicle. There is also a limit for tyres after which the usage of tyres becomes unsafe which is known as the legal limit. It is recommended to change the tyres before reaching the legal limit to ensure safety. Car tyres UK helps you meet the purpose without challenging any kind of rules and regulations. The laws vary from country to country but the safety and compatibility issue of the tyres with a car remains same in every country.

The safety implications of choosing properly inflated tyres are often overlooked. It needs to be kept in mind that tyres are the bridge between you and your vehicle and a reliable tyre from a reliable brand always means a reliable, safe, and secure journey.

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