Finding a Diamond the in the Rough


Used paint shakers are everywhere, making it mighty tempting to invest less in one of those than having to take out two loans to cover even half of one of the top-of-the-line new models. Though it seems like a dream come true, do your research. Buying a used paint shaker is no different than buying a used car. Here’s what you need to know to make a good decision.

Get the Facts

Make and model are all great facts to know if only because it tells you what the machine can do. That being said, these aren’t the important questions you need to be researching. Instead, find out how old it is, the level of usage it has undergone, if it has ever been damaged, what kind of repairs it has undergone and if it was maintained. These are your pantheon of questions as they can reveal if you’re paying a good price for a good machine or are simply being ripped off.

Next, there are specifics you need if the machine is labeled as refurbished. If it is, find out who did the refurbishing, discover what parts were used as replacements, find out how long the warranty is and find out if this warranty is backed by a national company or only the seller.

Though these questions will no doubt take a bit of research on your part, they are necessary for finding a trustworthy machine that won’t quit out on you one week in.

Notes to Keep in Mind

The smartest decision you can make is finding out exactly where the paint shaker came from. Vague answers are sure signs of trouble, especially since the vague answer comes with an even vaguer history. At the same time, make sure the dealer can provide proof of this history they tell you. Anyone can make up a tale, but only legitimate sellers have the documents to back it up.

On the market, your best options will normally be those that come from reputable used paint shaker vendors, or paint dealers. Their schedules dictate regular paint shaker replacements, resulting in a flood of used but good condition machines. Those that buy them in bulk will normally refurbish them so that they look and work like new.

Be careful here as new looking refurbished machinery can be extremely poor investments. Most warranties have you agree to fix your own machine parts once it finally does break down. Though they replace parts that are clearly cracked or broken, they do not test the equipment to extremes to determine just how sturdy it is. Because of this, you could make out like a bandit with a seemingly great machine at an undeniably wonderful price only to find yourself with thousands of dollars of repairs a month later. This is why warranties are so important. Find yourself a warranty backed by a legitimate company and chances are high you’ve found a great deal.

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