When Should You Replace the Tyres on Your Vehicle


A vehicle with worn tyres is not safe on the road. Without proper traction, you are at risk of sliding or swerving regardless of the road conditions. While you may notice a moderate amount of wear, it is often difficult for the typical driver to know when to replace the tyres.

Noticeable Signs That You Require New Tyres

Depending on how often you drive, you may notice changes to the way your vehicle operates and the condition of the tyres. Pay attention to the possible signs that your tyres need replacement:

  • The tyres regularly lose pressure.
  • The treads are severely worn.
  • You have patched the tyre multiple times.

If you need to regularly fill your tyres with air, you likely have a slow leak that allows the tyre pressure to drop. Patching the tyre may solve the problem. However, when you patch a tyre multiple times, there is a greater chance of tyre damage, including punctures from driving over sharp objects or potholes.

Treads that are severely worn may also indicate that you need to replace your tyres. When inspecting the tyres, you may also notice uneven tread wear. Uneven wear occurs when the tyres are misaligned or improperly inflated.

Choose New Tyres Over Partially-Worn Tyres

When you purchase used tyres, you are buying tyres that are already partially worn. This increases the risk of an accident. With new East Sussex tyres, you often get a warranty and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Do not let your tyres become a safety hazard. If you notice significant wear or experience changes in braking or traction, visit a local tyre supplier. Allow experts to inspect your tyres and suggest whether you need replacements.

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