4 Important Considerations to Make Your Australian Motorhome Trip a Great Success


It’s doubtlessly true that Australia should be explored in a motorhome, i.e. through a road trip. Unless you access the areas of this huge country that are remote enough to offer you the desired quiet of the Australian landscape, you can’t understand how wonderful it is.

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However, there is another side of this fact. Without proper planning of the trip, your motorhome travel can be only costlier than you might imagine.

You might meet adventurers telling you stories of how troublesome and expensive their motorhome tours turned out to be because they didn’t plan properly.

But it doesn’t need to be always that way. And here are tips for that.

1. Planning Your Itinerary

Before you even decide on professional importing motorhomes into Australia with Dazmac for example, it’s useful to decide on what you want to see. Australia has so many diverse climates and road conditions.

For example, some roads involve just huge regions that contain literally nothing, no food, no petrol stations, no power, no water, no services and no mobile coverage. Such areas are not even allowed by some motorhome rental companies to travel in by their motorhomes.

So, be prepared and think on how long you want to continue your Australian road trip. It’s much different than Europe where you drive for a few hours and reach a different country.

In Australia, you have to drive for days to reach even a city. So, allow enough time, more than you expect, so that you are not under the great pressure of reaching the next halt.

2. Thinking of Climate

For planning an excellent route for your Australian road trip, it’s essential to understand the Australian climate.

Australia being in the southern hemisphere, Australian summer spans from December to February and winter starts from June and lasts till August.

Although some Australian states may get snow in winter, it’s not necessarily cold everywhere in winter; in the north, the climate is warm to hot throughout the year and in the south, summer can have temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.

Thus the perfect time for your road trip would be spring and autumn which have all-around moderate climate.

So, you can avoid the climatic extremes like the fierce tropical storms and impassable flooded roads in summer in the north and chilly camping conditions in winter in the south.

It should be noted that Melbourne is called “a city of four seasons in a day” rightly. So, you better make proper preparations while travelling there.

One of the greatest sources for researching about the Australian climate is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

3. Choosing Your Motorhome

Motorhomes typically contain beds, cooking facilities, fridge, sinks and crockery. There may also be shower facilities and a toilet depending upon its size.

You should choose your vehicle depending upon the number of people in your party, your destinations, budget and the level of comfort you need.

4. Rent or Buy

Several motorhome and other car rental companies have an option for you to purchase the vehicle.

There is also a buy-back guarantee if you choose this option. So, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with the vehicle, though the buy-back amount may vary. But it’s typically about 50% of the purchase price.

You may even get a better price by selling it privately; however a peace of mind is offered by the buy-back guarantee.

Here are some general rules to understand the cost-effectiveness of both the options – renting and buying.

  • Less than 8 weeks: Regardless of what vehicle you choose, it’s best to rent
  • More than 8 weeks: Purchasing a minivan, car or pop-top vehicle is more cost-effective
  • More than 16 weeks: Purchasing a motorhome is more cost-effective

It’s advisable to check motorhome import or where to import muscle car to Australia according to Dazmac Logistics so that you get your hands on the right vehicle and your Australian road trip becomes a great success.

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