What should you know when looking for forklift dealer?


To start, let us see, what is the forklift? This is a special kind of warehouse transport, which is designed for lifting goods, its transportation, warehousing, with the help of so-called fork. In order to pick a model that will fit your needs best, you must contact the reliable forklift dealer with highly qualified specialists to help you with this. The forklift dealer should have not only quality but also reliability forklifts.

How to choose a forklift? Although the problems that can be solved with the help of the forklift are quite the same type, to provide advice on any forklift dealer and manufacturer – at least unprofessionally. Each model has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is necessary to choose the most suitable model according to your wishes. You can just make conclusions what factors to consider when choosing a suitable forklift.



Criteria for selection of forklift

  1. Specific requirements. Forklift trucks that operate in conditions of low or elevated temperatures, or in hazardous areas must be equipped with protection against corrosion and temperatures, as well as with explosion protection respectively;
  2. Terms and conditions. Depending on the conditions in which used the forklift – What is the length of the route, the number of turns, bends on the route, the surface roughness – you can pick up truck with a certain type of tire, or simply facilitating the difficulties of working;
  3. The height of lifting. Depending on how high it is necessary to lift weights; you must pick the truck model, respectively;
  4. Safety at Work. While working on the truck, there is a high probability of traumatic. This may be a tipping load, drop it on the roof of the cab, etc. Options can be a whole lot. For this reason, the cabin must meet all international safety requirements;
  5. Cost. At the moment – it is certainly considered one of the most important factors. But you must not forget that the optimal price is determined by the quality and productivity of the forklift.

What else should you know when looking for forklift dealer?

Mast (hoist). Main characteristics:

  • Maximum lifting height;
  • Construction height – height folded;
  • Free running. It is possible in the presence of the cylinder freewheel, allowing to lift up to a certain height while maintaining the mast in folded condition;
  • The number of sections.

There are other options that should be considered when you are looking for the forklift dealer: the cabin, dimensions, turning radius, speed of movement, speed lifting and lowering, the type of tires (pneumatics, superelastic, and bandage), battery (for electric) and others.

Buying the forklift you should also pay attention not only on price but also on the quality of the forklift.

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