How to choose a floor scrubber in Toronto?


All the dirty work human seeks to pass to the technique. So we have vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and washing machines and now the floor scrubbers which wash the floor as it does not wash any person. The machine uses a soap solution, scraping all the dirt with a special brush, sucks the dirty water and dries the floor behind it. How to choose the perfect floor scrubber in Toronto?

To each according to his needs

However, not every housewife needs such a machine. All the floor scrubbers in Toronto are big enough and to use them in the small areas is irrationally. There are even huge machines for cleaning large areas, large shopping centers and warehouses. Most often, the owners of floor cleaning machines are cleaning companies and the owners of offices, preferring to keep their staff cleaners. For cleaning in areas with lots of furniture better suited compact and maneuverable models of floor scrubber in Toronto.

All the matter in the power

When you are faced with the task to choose a floor scrubber in Toronto, you should first decide on its power. The floor scrubbers in Toronto which are running on the network had almost ceased to produce. Although they are a third cheaper, but long cord greatly complicates the work. Such machines are most often used for night cleaning, when there are not any people in the office or in the shop. Today, most of the floor scrubbers in Toronto are running on the battery power. Their capacity can be calculated for 2-8 hours. Choose the capacity you need, based on the volume of the work.


The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the type of the brush. For smooth surfaces it is better to use a brush disc, and for rough and ridged – the cylindrical. But if you have to wash different surfaces, it is wise to choose a machine with replaceable brushes. In addition, please note that the brush – is the consumables from time to time they need to be replaced. Ask in advance how much will cost the replaceable brush for your machine.

Modern floor scrubber may replace the work of several dozen people. This is an efficient high-tech way to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of all types of the premises. With such equipment you will be available for cleaning of any complexity. A lot of different companies offer you a range of the floor scrubbers in Toronto. They work using the most modern technologies, which allow receiving to obtain a completely dry clean the floor while using a minimum of water and detergents. In addition, in perfect floor cleaning machines there is another important advantage: they have almost no noise.

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